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Counsellor-Josephine Keijzer

Josephine is a fully qualified Social Worker, Counsellor/Psychotherapist. Josephine has worked in the field of integrative health for many years and is passionate about the work she does with people of all ages who are experiencing challenges and want to expand their lives.

Josephine has a Masters degree in Social Work and a Bachelors degree in Social Science, she attained a Diploma in Modern psychology and utilises techniques which have profound and lasting results with clients. When working with couples Josephine utilises her psychotherapeutic experience and PACT (psychobiological approach to couples therapy) training.

Josephine has worked both locally and in Oxford in the UK where she was Lead Therapist in an Early Intervention team working with families facing multiple challenges. More recently, she spent three years as Psychotherapist and Director of Therapies for a residential mental health clinic on the Sunshine Coast and specialised in treating clients with trauma, addictions, anxiety and depression. Building a collaborative relationship with the client, their partner and families was very much part of the work and ensured sustainable success for clients.

Josephine is a firm believer that the quality of our relationships affects and determines the quality of our lives and that they are pivotal to our sense of wellbeing.The Relationships counselling work Josephine does is to facilitate giving both parties a legitimate voice and to work through misunderstandings, validate experiences and edit the assumed ‘stories’ back to a more grounded, supportive and authentic one. The focus during sessions is on moving away from the pain prevention strategies couples may have been using and collaboratively making space for innovative ideas for communication.

From the viewpoint that all things are in a state of change, Josephine acknowledges that given the right environment challenges can be overcome and transformation can happen. While all sessions are different depending on the needs of the individuals she sees, her aim is also to teach accessible and easy-to-remember techniques to reduce and eliminate anxiety and stress and to build on self reliance and confidence.

Special interest: All areas of psychotherapy including anxiety, addictions, grief and loss, depression. Relationships counselling. Goal setting and life coaching.

Get to know Josephine in 5 points
1: Josephine enjoys attending or teaching yoga and mindfulness as they support her in feeling relaxed, calm and happy. She believes that when our emotional world is in step, it links with how we feel in our home, work and social lives.
2: She enjoys travelling and having adventures on the sea or trekking in the mountains. She walks most days on the beach and loves to spend time taking photos of the ever changing moods of the ocean.
3: Josephine likes to eat wholesome organic food and enjoys cooking for friends. She is partial to the desert section on a menu too – its all about getting a good balance.
4: Building a sense of community is important to Josephine. She loves living on the coast and being part of health, music or art events where people are bought together to enjoy this great place.
5: Josephine enjoys connecting with and spending time with her lovely family