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Naturopath – Tara Beattie

Tara is a fully qualified Practicing Naturopath who has comprehensive industry experience having worked in both pharmaceuticals and alternative medicine.

Tara is a avid believer in food as medicine, however her ability to fuse this with evidence based diagnostic testing and traditional Naturopathic treatment methods is where she shines. Because of Tara’s experience in pharmaceuticals she has great confidence in understanding medications and possible interactions and effects.

She is passionate about connecting the dots between nutrition, poor health and lifestyle.

Tara has been mentored extensively by our Founding Naturopath Suzi Le Fanue in all areas of health and wellness. Suzi’s diagnostic and treatment methods  have been used by countless of clients globally. These treatment methods are primarily focused on identifying the cause of medically diagnosed disease and not just the symptoms.

Read Tara’s recent write up about Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). 

Her treatment plans may include: Nutritional support, lifestyle recommendations, pathology testing and herbal medicine prescription.

As part of her role when she first joined the clinic, Tara was part of our “Naturopathic support team”. This team of Practitioners support and guide the client on their journey within our clinic, this often included many hours researching publications, client communication and formulation of meals plans for very complicated health history’s. Because of this Tara has become an avid researcher, which is easy for her with her as she is curious by nature.

Tara by nature is full of warmth and naturally is empathetic. She is full of knowledge, has a caring heart and is passionate about assisting clients in all areas of their wellness journey.

Get to know Tara in 5 points!

1. Tara is a massive animal lover. She fostered dogs from the RSPCA for 2 years and then moved onto fostering retired racing greyhounds. When she can, she volunteers for Animal Liberation, contributing to stop horrible practices in greyhound racing and encourage others to foster!
2. Only in the past few months Tara has discovered yoga and tries to practice it as often as possible. She hopes to one day become a yoga teacher as well as a Naturopath.
3. Tara loves to travel and has been to Europe, Thailand, and Fiji. One of her many places to visit on her bucket list, includes Australia! She has travelled to WA and Tasmania but would love to go to NT and see Uluru!
4. Tara is incredibly passionate about living a “Naturopathic lifestyle”. She would love to see more health food stores in all corners of the country and one day hopes to possibly open her own. To teach people how to live their best life in everyday life. 
5. Tara loves the ocean and in her spare time she will be at the beach or anywhere outdoors.