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Sheridan Genrich – Naturopath

Sheridan Genrich has a Bachelor of Health Science, is fully qualified as both a Nutritionist, Naturopath, Iridologist and is passionate about personalised health, so others can live to their highest potential. She has completed extensive post graduate education in nutrigenomics (DNA testing), bio-individual nutrition and functional medicine.
She returned to her hometown of Brisbane about seven years ago after living away for almost two decades, mostly in Sydney, with a few years in Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast and UK.
Her love of exploring & learning from other cultures in her early 20s led into into a career as a flight attendant, mostly on long haul routes. Despite being physically active within a few years she developed numerous digestive problems and emotional overwhelm from shift work and jet lag.  In an attempt to offset the bad state she was in Sheridan started on a very long academic path, searching for the truth about nutrition & natural medicine.
She holds a high level of experience in most areas of health, with special interest in: 
  • Sleep, Mood and Stress Imbalances for busy professionals
  • Digestive problems – food intolerances, bloating, Candida, IBS and SIBO
  • Autoimmune conditions – Hashimotos, Coeliac & both types of Diabetes
  • Special diets like low oxalate, salicylates, glutamates and FODMAPS
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Get to know Sheridan Genrich in 5 points!
1.As a busy solo mother to a 7 year old boy she lives the habits she teaches, like consistently making recipe creations that both tasty & therapeutic, to keep her energy high.
2.In 2015 she co-authored the mental health section of the Amazon best-selling book, Rapid Change for Busy Heart-Centred Women. A book of her own is in the pipeline for the future.
3.She loves sharing her passion for health in groups as has been featured on several health summits, guest podcast interviews and live group talks.
4.Sheridan thrives on daily physical movement including meditation, jogging, swimming, surfing and being at the beach or mountains to clear her overactive mind. Music, dogs and reading also bring joy to her life.
5.Several years ago Sheridan was a TV news presenter and Sydney reporter for a non-profit station based in New York. Now she finds it more challenging to use an iPhone for doing videos….but she’s working on getting over that!