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Integrated Wellness Clinic Sunshine Coast

Dear valued visitor 

About Integrated Wellness Clinic


Please allow me to introduce myself and our second home, our clinic, our mission.

Integrated Wellness Clinic was founded by myself and my gorgeous husband, Adam, when we felt that the Sunshine Coast needed a clinic that offered multiple modalities that addressed all aspects of wellness, with a primary focus being on Naturopathic medicine. I felt as though there was a gap on the coast, that we had limited complementary therapists who offered evidence based practices and were wanting to connect with the medical world. As I whole heartedly believe our health care system needs both models.

My own journey of healing is what has led me to a career in this industry. As a child I was happy, cheeky, did well at school and was so incredibly loved. However, most of my childhood and early teen years were spent incredibly ill with a life threatening form of asthma in and out of hospital continually. In 1995, my beautiful Mum passed away at home, suddenly from an asthma attack. That day changed my life forever. I spent until my early twenties paranoid the same would happen to me, this turned in severe anxiety with disturbing panic attacks. I went on to study a Biomedical degree in the pursuit to work as a Researcher to find the answers I needed for myself and to help others in the process. I eventually made my way onto Naturopathy and Nutrition. I found my answers I was seeking. It felt right to continue a career as a Naturopath. I now have so much gratitude for my body and have learnt how to look after myself, my family, friends and my beautiful clients.

One very important thing I want you to know is this….. it does not have to be a matter of choosing the medical approach or the natural approach, they can indeed work together.

We have built a solid reputation with many medical doctors around Australia, we respect their work and appreciate that at times they are needed. Our role is to strive for optimal health. We regularly receive referrals from medical doctors and will at times see them in the clinic as clients, in the same way we may also visit them. The integrative approach with Naturopaths, Doctors and other allied health professionals is accessible.

Integrated Wellness Clinic is made up of some of the most incredible people you will ever meet. In the industry I have worked along with many folks, but I can hands down say that these guys really “have your back” and are the best that QLD has to offer. I have hand picked the most passionate, committed and like minded Practitioners. I focus most of our time these days on ensuring that our team are delivering highly exceptional quality service through training and mentorship along with our Wonder Woman Practice Manager, Nikki.

Our clinic has grown so much from just me seeing 3 clients per week to now our growing team consulting and impacting 1000’s globally. We do all this through our consultations, workshops and events.

Since opening in 2013 we have taken many big steps towards our mission to create a healthier and happier Australia. We now offer our services in:

  • Buderim
  • Caloundra
  • Morningside, Brisbane
  • And soon the Gold Coast

Just recently we were awarded the Professional Excellence Award (Community Education) through the Naturopathic Association ANPA. This was a result of the many events we hold for the community.

Integrated Wellness Clinic is our dream come true! And it couldn’t have happened without the incredible support from our clients, the community and my amazingly, fantastic team who I adore <3 What started out as a team of just myself and husband has now led to us creating one of Australia’s largest Naturopath teams.

My aim of starting the clinic was to:

  • Be the bridge between orthodox and complimentary medicine
  • Provide both evidence based and time proven natural therapy services
  • Offer Psychology services where you feel welcomed, cared for and not uncomfortable
  • Build an education model to bring wellness awareness to the community
  • Provide a space where budding Practitioners have the chance to undergo mentorship
  • Bring scientific testing as part of all naturopathic treatment plans
  • Provide service so well that we build a reputation where we are known as OUTSTANDING and not just “good”
  • And most importantly offer services where, you, the client learns what we know, so you discover life long lessons

I truly hope that who ever is reading this knows how much our team would love to help you. We are super excited you have even considered us as part of your wellness journey.

And even if you don’t end up to choose to see us, that is totally ok, you do what your heart knows is best. My wish for you is that whatever the path you take, which ever clinic you go to, who ever you consult with, that is leads you to true optimal happiness, health and complete wellness.

Because I want you to create the life you deserve and enjoy every day life. Integrated Wellness Clinic exists to serve you.

Suzi Le Fanue Naturopath Sunshine Coast


In health, love, happiness and gratitude,

Founder, Suzi with Adam and Elijah Le Fanue 🙂 x


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