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Pathology Testing

Pathology Testing with NaturopathsWe view pathology testing as strong importance to helping you achieve optimal health. This builds the framework for our Naturopathic and Nutrition treatment plans.

Our Naturopaths offer a series of in detail testing to help you search for the root cause of your health concerns, this is fundamental to our treatment. By using pathology testing we are able to fine tune your treatment plan and cater it uniquely to your physiology. Diagnosis of disease is always done by a doctor that we work along with or your own doctor. We view pathology testing as a very invaluable screening tool.

Many people feel that they have done countless pathology testings, and while this may be the case most of the time, there is often a demand for more functional testing.


On site in the clinic we can offer the following tests:

  • Urine Analysis- proteins, glucose, ketones, ph, specific gravity, blood cells
  • Urinary heavy metals
  • Urinary Free RadicalsPathology testing Sunshine Coast
  • Blood sample to indicate your Blood Type
  • IgG and IgA Food intolerance testing
  • Helicobacter pylori antibodies
  • Blood glucose
  • Bio-Impedence Body Composition- measuring muscle, fat, water distribution
  • Blood Pressure, oxygen saturation and pulse reading
  • Zinc Status
  • pH reading of urine and saliva
  • Blood Microscopy (Screening tool)

Pathology testing does not have to be expensive, many tests are rebatable and if your Practitioner is trained correctly, our screening methods ensure you are only tested for what is most important and necessary for you.

Testing that we have access to through external reputable pathology laboratories:

    • Liver function enzymes and functional testing
    • Cholesterol and Triglycerides
    • Electrolytes, vitamins and minerals
    • Full thyroid function
    • Stool testing- Bioscreen and Complete Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) functional testing
    • Hydrogen Breath Test/SIBO testing Pathology testing Sunshine Coast
    • Fructose Malabsorption and food intolerances
    • Intestinal membrane permeability- Leaky Gut
    • Saliva hormone testing
    • Cardiovascular markers
    • IgG Food Intolerance
    • IgE Allergy testing
    • IgA Food Sensitivity testing
    • ALCAT Food Sensitivity Test
    • Skin prick allergy testing
    • Inflammatory and immune markers
    • Coeliac testing
    • Hair Mineral Analysis
    • Urinary Metabolic Pathway Analysis
    • MTHFR Gene Testing
    • Genetic testing for other polymorphisms (methylation & detoxification)
    • Polyphrin Studies
    • Kryptopyrroles or Pyrroles
    • Complete vitamin and mineral analysis

These tests may be requested to you either in consultation with our Naturopaths or along with one of the many Doctors that we work along with, and often attract medicare or private health fund rebate. 

In some instances, clients prefer to use traditional Naturopathic methods of analysis, and that is ok too. Once we have done thorough testing (either the some of the above or traditional naturopathic testing) we will typically tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs which may include nutritional and herbal medicines. Our mission is to treat you as an individual, what causes disease in one person does not cause disease to everyone. It is a matter of finding your bodies imbalances and addressing that.

Sunshine Coast NaturopathTo discuss your health options and talk about which Pathology Tests may suit you call today (07) 54584800 or Book your FREE Assessment Consultation to discuss which testing may be of benefit to you.

Our Sunshine Coast Naturopaths have patients interstate and overseas, we can help by offering phone or skype consultations. Many pathology tests can be organised from a distance. So if you live interstate or overseas we may be able to help you with organising pathology testing please email for in detail information.