Naturopath – Cassandra Cook

Cassandra Cook has been a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist for the past 20 years and she has extensive experience in treating a wide variety of health problems. Cassandra is also the Clinical Team Leader.

“What I love about being a naturopath is the privilege of helping people understand how good they
can feel through natural health, be it changes in diet and lifestyle, nutritional therapy, or balancing
the body with herbs. At the same time, it is really valuable to know how to combine this with the
benefits of western medicine; working in collaboration with doctors to ensure the
best integrative health care.” Cassandra, ND

With a deep understanding of herbs and nutrition, Cassandra integrates her knowledge to help people overcome illness, so they can be their best and live the life they love. She is a firm believer in the power of food as medicine, and uses her love of cooking to encourage people to make appropriate dietary changes.

Cassandra spent ten years working closely with one of the world’s leading herbalists and has a strong passion for herbal medicine. Quality herbal extracts contain special phytonutrients which provide remarkable therapeutic effects within the body. They work by balancing / modulating different systems instead of suppressing or increasing them, therefore working naturally with the body and not against it. These powerful therapeutic herbs also allow us to customize and target a wide range of conditions using the one formula, addressing each individual health concern. The phytonutrient constituents extracted to liquid form allow greater bioavailability and absorption. This increases effectiveness and speed of treatment for more efficient client outcomes. They have and continue to provide efficient results for clients in conjunction with diet and nutritional supplements.

The majority of herbal medicines used today have a long history of traditional use in many different cultures around the world. This knowledge is supported by a wealth of modern scientific and clinical research. Cassandra has found that herbal medicines are very effective in the treatment of a wide variety of health disorders and in all age groups, including infants and children where it is a very efficient method of breaking the infection-antibiotic roundabout that many children experience.

Cassandra has also worked within leading Natural Health companies Australia-wide in multiple roles including providing education and training to other natural health practitioners, and developing products to help with effective patient treatment.



Cassandra has a broad range of clinical interests and experience:
 Stress, anxiety, fatigue and insomnia
 Gastrointestinal health, dysbiosis, IBS / IBD
 Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout
 Women’s health, PMS, menopause


Get to know Cassandra in 5 points!

1. As a teenager Cassandra became interested in nutrition and her extensive travel overseas also sparked her interest in indigenous herbal medicine.
2. Cassandra loves hiking, she finds it very grounding, like a walking meditation in nature. Most weekends Cassandra and her partner will be out exploring new trails on the Sunshine Coast, clambering up rocky terrains, splashing through creeks and soaking up the delights of nature. She is also a leader of a hiking group, taking groups of up to 30 people on hikes through our beautiful national parks.
3. An avid gardener, Cassandra uses her love of nature and all things natural to grow a wide variety of herbs, flowers, and vegetables in her organic kitchen-garden. She is passionate about helping others to learn about herbs and nutrition and to practice growing and cooking skills as a part of everyday medicine.
4. Cassandra is an intrepid traveller. Most holidays are always an adventurous mix of activities – hiking/trekking, cycling, climbing, exploring different cultures and sampling local gourmet delights.
5. Cassandra moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2010 and loves the coastal lifestyle. She lives with her wonderful partner Craig and puppy ‘Oscar the Spoo’, where they enjoy creating a wide variety of meals with delicious seasonal produce straight from their veggie garden.

Cassandra Cook is registered and has provided status with all major health funds –
ANTA #AN10527N, Bupa #C094549, MediBank #A046611B


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