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Clinical Nutritionist – Carly Stewart

Carly Stewart has completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine and is excited to be part of the Integrated Wellness team and provide support to our clients. Since graduating, Carly has been working for a leading functional pathology provider where she provides technical support to healthcare practitioners. This has allowed her to expand her knowledge in the area of functional pathology testing. Carly has enjoyed exploring the biochemical pathways of the body and how nutrition, lifestyle and the environment can impact these various pathways.

Carly is passionate about the role that natural healthcare practitioners can play in optimising the health and wellbeing of patients. She strongly believes that an integrative approach to healthcare and disease management ensures the most comprehensive patient care. She is more than happy to work alongside other Practitioners to give you the best outcome. 

Within the clinic Carly acts as a client experience officer where she offers ongoing support to the clinic’s clients. Her role is imperative to the smooth operations of the clinic and ensuring that Integrated Wellness provides the best possible service.
Get to know Carly in 5 points:
1. Carly was first drawn to Nutrition when she moved out of home and quickly learnt she didn’t really know how to look after herself. After a year of unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, Carly decided this was not how she wanted to live. After beginning a Nutrition degree, she was amazed to learn about the therapeutic benefits of food and its nutrients.
 2. Carly grew up in southern New South Wales in a small country farming town where she learnt the value of community. She later moved to Mullumbimby, where she felt like a fish out of water but soon came to appreciate the alternative culture.Carly feels lucky to have experienced living in these two very different towns, which have helped shape her values and beliefs.
3. For the past 2 years, Carly has been regularly practising yoga. Carly loves this holistic practice, which focuses on the body, mind and spirit to promote whole-body benefits. She has experienced benefits such as increased mindfulness, flexibility, improved breathing and posture. Carly is looking forward to completing her Yoga Teacher Training sometime in the near future.
4. In her spare time, Carly enjoys spending days at the beach with family and friends, reading health and wellbeing articles, travelling, spending time at the markets, and playing netball and team sports.
5. Carly has visited Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, and explored various parts of Australia. One of her favourite travel memories is going to the Kimberley’s in Western Australia.
Favourite quote: “Face the fear, and do it anyway”
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