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Naturopath – Lorin Thorp

Having completed a Bachelor of Health Science, Lorin Thorp is a degree qualified Naturopath who absolutely loves to share her experience and knowledge with her patients, whether it be one on one or intimate group workshops. She is in awe of the human bodies ability to heal, given the right nourishment and environment to thrive.

Lorin believes in every individual’s right to an informed understanding of the way their unique body works and is committed wholeheartedly to support and empower her patients on their journey back to wellness.

Lorin always considers a balance of evidence-based naturopathic treatment integrated with time proven Naturopathic methods. Many of the tools she has learned from studying yoga and pilates to holistically harmonise the body in a holistic manner.

Lorin appreciates all areas of health, especially the digestive system and nervous system. As both of these have the ability to influence all systems in the body. Lorin is comfortable working with all ages and conditions.

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Get to know Lorin in 5 points

1. Lorin is a lover of many cultures. She has a special place in her heart for India, the motherland, where she travels to deepen her yoga practice.

2. Lorin is originally an Adelaide girl who moved to the Gold Coast chasing the sun, the sea and to pursue her studies in natural medicine.

3. As a teenager, whenever asked what she wanted to do when she grew up, Lorin’s reply was always ‘help people’.

4. Lorin loves talking about self empowerment and intuition. Fascinated by the power of the sub-conscious mind, so she may ask ‘Is that truly your belief or your programing?

5. Lorin finds something to be grateful for each day.

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