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Naturopath – Bek Hall

Bek (Rebekah Hall) is a warm, passionate, and fully accredited Naturopath originally hailing from the picturesque Southern Highlands in New South Wales, where she originally started her own Practice upon graduating almost a decade ago.

Since then, she has helped countless every day Australians suffering ill health return to a life of happiness and wellness. She has experience within the natural medicine industry not only in consulting in her private practice, but also as one of the senior Naturopaths at an acclaimed Health Retreat in New South Wales, as well as contributing to articles in health magazines and publications over the years, and most recently working for one of Australia’s leading Natural Medicine companies.

During this time, Bek has encountered and treated a broad range of health issues successfully, and has had the privilege of being at the forefront of breakthrough research and advancements in evidence based alternative and natural medicines and methodologies. She has a special gift of connecting with people of all ages and backgrounds, which aids her in really understanding what someone is seeking to gain from their treatment.

Empathising with the overwhelm that can be caused by the pressures of modern day life, and the stress illness can cause, Bek also takes a gentle and practical approach while assisting her patients to overcome their health challenges.

While interested in all areas of health, she has special interest in mental health and behavioural disorders, conditions affecting the immune system, chronic fatigue syndrome, hormonal conditions, and ‘mystery illnesses’ that modern medicine/pathology has yet to give clear diagnosis/answers to.

Get To Know Naturopath Bek Hall In 5 Points:

• Bek‘s passion to help others, and her love of Naturopathy and Integrative Health Care stems from having suffered a serious and life threatening ‘mystery illness’ herself in her early twenties, that she contracted after having lived overseas. The unrecognised condition left many Doctors scratching their heads without answers, and with a generalised opinion that nothing could be done in forms of treatment. It was at this point that Bek began researching and learning as much as she could about the human body, as well as about the many systems of holistic and natural medicines from all around the world.

She then combined this research with nutrition and lifestyle changes to successfully improve her condition and recover to full health.
In the years following this, she studied at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences to gain formal qualifications in Naturopathy, Nutrition, and Western Herbal Medicine and has dedicated her life to helping others who have found themselves in a similar situation ever since.

• Always on the look out for ways to enhance her knowledge, hone her craft, and be of better service as a Practitioner, Bek is currently undertaking further studies to become an Integrative Doctor.

• The ocean is her happy place, she loves nature and the outdoors … And sports. Bek is a true tomboy at heart and she loves both playing and spectating sports of all kinds – golf, tennis, and football in particular. She has been an avid follower of the NRL since she was only 4 years old, and is a loyal Knights supporter.

• Bek really believes that life should be enjoyed. No matter how busy things get, she makes time for the things, and for the people, she loves. You will find her having a good laugh, and doing her best to make those around her laugh, often. Happiness is always one of her priorities.

• Having spent several years living abroad, Bek has been deeply interested in other cultures from around the world for many years and loves learning about how they eat, live, the festivals and things they celebrate, and in particular about their spiritual beliefs and traditional medicine systems.

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