Naturopath – Belinda Gibbs

Sydney Naturopath Belinda Gibbs

Belinda (Bee) is a qualified Naturopath, mother to three beautiful teenagers, self-confessed nerd, and truly believes that health can be simple if you find the correct balance.  

She wants you to listen to your body, that annoying headache, that bloated tummy, that pain that comes and goes, is trying to tell you something. 

If may be stress, an infection, a deficiency (even subtle ones can make a huge difference), genetics, environmental exposure, but her job is to listen to you, listen to your body, and through a thorough case history, body signs, testing, nutritional and herbal intervention, and care, help you thrive.

Belinda began her journey into alternative therapies over 20 years ago with massage, with all her children raised on herbs for any ailments. The real drive to finish her qualifications was the birth of her second son whom is on the Spectrum. 

Hence she has first-hand experience with autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD, and behavioural issues.

In her drive for constant knowledge she is currently completing a Bachelor of  Medicines Management with professional honours in Complementary Medicines. 

She loves working with children because it lays the foundation for their health for life. To see stressed little souls whom are not eating, sleeping or thriving, talk about the smoothies they made and show their awards from school is incredibly rewarding.

Belinda treats all health conditions but has an affinity for

  • Failure to thrive, digestive, behavioural and learning problems in children.
  • Anxiety, self-image and mood disorders in adolescents. 
  • Stress and fatigue, in particular Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
  • Stubborn skin conditions.
  • All digestive disturbances.

“ clients have probably been dealing with this for a long time, they are stressed, tired, have seen many doctors, and when you take the time to really listen, and you explain to them what is happening within their body, and you discuss how you will both work to heal it, that moment when their face opens and they have HOPE that is why I’m a Naturopath “

Get to know Bee in 5 points

  • Her home is an animal menagerie – 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 bearded dragons, and numerous fish.
  • Her secret love is reality tv- from amazing race, to survivor to bachelor.
  • She believes it is important to care for this planet and leave the lightest footprint we can.
  • She loves travel, camping, meeting new people and climbing new mountains.
  • She is a hugger 🙂

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