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Naturopath – Ellen Tattam

Ellen Tattam has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and is highly passionate about all things health and wellness. She is invested in supporting and guiding individuals, couples, and families in all stages of life to achieve vitality and optimal health.

Ellen has a high understanding of biochemical processes throughout the body and how to ensure optimal functioning of all systems. Focusing on assisting the body to naturally heal itself with the proper support is of the highest priority in her treatment methods.

Using pathology and functional testing along with evidence based research and treatment methods is highly important to her, as keeping up with the latest research is vital in such a fast paced growing industry.

Naturopath Ellen Tattam finds using a range of treatment options, personally tailored to clients is essential to success. This includes herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, lifestyle advice and food as medicine.

Ellen has undergone extensive training and mentorship with our Founding Naturopath, Suzi Le Fanue, where their assessment tools and treatment methods have fused together to create the best outcome for the client.

Ellen is facilitator of the Integrated Wellness Clinic “Hormone Reset Program”. She is also the clinics key workshop presenter of many topics such as “Happy Hormones”.

Ellen is attracted to all areas of health and shows special interest in the following:

Men and women’s hormonal imbalances (fertility, PMS, menstrual irregularities)
Skin disorders (Acne and eczema)
Mental health including Pyroluria and MTHFR

Get to know Ellen in 5 points:

  1. As a person who has a very caring and empathetic nature, Naturopath Ellen Tattam has found her happy place in the world by being able to work doing what she loves by helping people thrive and teach them how to become responsible for their health.
  2. Ellen loves to travel and experience difference cultures and mostly the FOOD that every country or region has to offer. From fresh fish on the islands of Thailand, beautiful cheeses all around Europe to the flavoursome Indonesian street foods – her family and friends are forever commenting about the number of food photos that are shared throughout her travels.
  3. She is very interested in living a chemical-free lifestyle and aims to use and consume all natural products such as cleaning products, makeup and beauty products, personal hygiene and organic food as much as possible.
  4. Ellen loves being active and keeping endorphins flowing via yoga, netball and walking her adorable dog. Spending time outdoors in nature is an absolute essential in her life.
  5. Ellen is very much a beach lover and feels grounded, mentally, physically and spiritually when spending time in the water, soaking up the sun or admiring the amazing shells on the beautiful beaches of the Sunshine Coast that are found in abundance in this amazing area of the world.

Ellen Tattam is registered and has private health fund registration with all major funds –  ANPA #16/0816  BUPA #C088862 Medibank #A033261F Australlian Unity #21156751


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