Naturopath – Rebecca Burdette

Brisbane Naturopath  – Rebecca Burdette

With a strong belief in health education, Bec works to empower her clients in each of their health journeys.

Through various means and modalities, every treatment plan is developed with the client rather than for the client.

Over a decade ago, Bec’a natural health journey started by enrolling in a natural therapies course at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences. This introduction brought her to completing her bachelor degree at Endeavour College, cementing her passion, knowledge and place in the alternative therapies industry. Bec is a degree qualified Naturopath having completed her Bachelor of Health Science.

Her fascination with the body’s own ability to heal itself was what drew her into the natural health industry and this is very much the approach to treatment Bec takes when putting together each patient treatment plan. Each treatment plan is customised especially for the patients’ individual needs focusing on corrective care, getting to the root cause and education about the fundamentals of how to maintain health.

Bec has a continued passion about the human condition and all ways this can present however, there are a few of areas are of particular interest including:

  • Mental health
  • Mood disorders
  • Sleep problems
  • Neurological conditions
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Gastrointestinal problems

Get to know Bec in 5 points:

  1. Bec has a real affinity to animals and actively supports animal welfare and protection through various charities and organisations.
  2. Bec’s family consists of her husband Jason, their dog Molly, their cat Tuk Tuk, and two chickens Princess Layer and Dixie Chick. If the back yard permitted, Bec would happily rescue many, many more animals but at the moment is restricted by space.
  3. As a keen traveler, Bec has travelled through most of Europe, Asia, USA, New Zealand, Indonesian, Fiji and of course, Australia.
  4. Bec is proud of her heritage being half German and half Chinese Malaysian, born in Brisbane, Australia.
  5. Some of her hobbies include bush walking and hiking and being surrounded by nature, art and reading and her interests include modern and ancient history, psychology and all things related to human behaviour.
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