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Naturopath – Sanja Stojcic

Brisbane Naturopath Sanja Stojcic

Sanja is a fully qualified and practising naturopath with 18 years experience, covering a range of therapies and ailments in her journey. She has a great passion in helping her clients to regain health and balance in their lives. Sanja is an avid believer of the body’s innate ability to heal. Utilising time proven and evidenced-based naturopathic methods she aims to support this process of restoration.

Her clinical points of difference include:

  • Accurately determining patients’ health and appropriate treatment plans based on careful acquisition of individual case history;
  • Using pathology for in-depth testing;
  • Referring and communicating with doctors and specialists;
  • Analysis of blood pathology;
  • Mixing custom blended herbal liquids from the herbal dispensary;
  • Providing advice on natural treatments/supplements;
  • Specific Food and diet knowledge/advice;
  • Constantly researching and drawing on

    Sanja works in all areas of health, her primary interests include:

    Female (hormonal) health:
    General mood
    Thyroid issues: Hypothyroidism anf Hyperthyroidism
    Systemic detoxification, with gut and bowel health.
    Kidney (Renal) disease

    Getting to know Sanja in 5 points.

    1. Sanja is a deep believer that we are all unique; no 2 conditions are the same, therefore she focuses on the individual rather than just the disease or ailment.

    2. She is very passionate about meditation and the power of prayer and positive thinking. She practises meditation daily and teaches meditation classes.

    3. A nature lover at heart, she is someone who loves nature and being out doors, particularly by the ocean. Kayaking and paddle boarding are her 2 favourite water activities.

    4. She has a love for gardening and caring for her beautiful plants.

    5. Sanja loves to go totally vegan once or twice yearly for 6 weeks to cleanse and detox herself on a deeper level. She believes the cleaner the body, the clearer the mind and the greater the connection to (spiritual) self.

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