Naturopath – Shani Sulter

Shani Sulter is a fully qualified and accredited Naturopath. She has a huge passion to assist clients to reach their optimal health. Seeing them thrive, achieve their health goals and gain a zest for life is what she lives for.

Shani has an in depth understanding of how the body works and how to make it optimally function. She does this by getting back to basics, researching (scientific articles and requesting/interpreting pathology testing) and uncovering the root cause of your condition to then utilise all relevant avenues of Naturopathy. These may include herbal medicine, food and nutrition, as well as emotional support and lifestyle adjustments.



Naturopath Shani’s interests include:
Mental health
Paediatrics (Infants, Toddler, Children through to teenage years)
Digestive disorders
Skin conditions

Get to know Shani in 5 points

1: Shani has had a passion and curiosity about food and nutrition since age 15, so much so that she wanted to leave school early to start her journey and career.

2: She is extremely passionate about recipe creation, she hopes to one day formulate and have published a health inspiring cookbook. She spends much of her time in the kitchen.

3: She is Mother to a toddler named Tallow who is full of life, keeps her very busy and inspires her every day.

4: Shani is a lover of the outdoors, always ensuring she dedicated time every day to get fresh air, sunshine and exercise. This is a huge part of her life and allows her to achieve balance on a day to day basis.

5: Shani constantly needs to be challenged, she feels if she is not being challenged she is not growing and changing as a person.

Shani Sulter is registered and has provided status with all major health funds –
ANTA #AN, Bupa #C0, MediBank #A0


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