Integrated Wellness Clinic has two convenient Brisbane Naturopath Clinic locations.

Brisbane Naturopath Centre Southside (Integrated Wellness Clinic) is located on Shop 5/6 Thynne Rd, Morning Side Brisbane QLD 4170 with Total Hearing And Health – Brisbane 

Brisbane Naturopath Centre

Brisbane Naturopath Centre Northside (Integrated Wellness Clinic) is located at 3/628 Rode Rd, Chermside QLD 4032  with First Choice Chiropractic.  Next door to Flannerys Health Food Store.

Integrated Wellness Clinic Naturopath Chermside


Brisbane Naturopath Centre

Morningside Naturopath Clinic

There is plenty of street parking with along Thynne Rd.
If you go down Ison St Brisbane there should be more free parking .

Also down Lawson St, Morningside there is 2 hour Parking

Chermside Naturopath Clinic

There is plenty of parking within the Flannerys complex.





Brisbane Naturopath Centre

The Brisbane Southside Clinic is located at Shop 5/6 Thynne Rd, Morning Side Brisbane QLD 4170 Next to Dr’s @ Morningside Medical Centre Which is opposite Morningside Veterinary Clinic which is on Lawson St Morningside Brisbane.

We our only 7.3kms from Brisbane City (CBD) , Brisbane naturopath centre is based East Brisbane next to Hawthorne Brisbane Suburb.

The Brisbane Northside Clinic is located at 3/628 Rode Rd, Chermside QLD 4032 


Brisbane Naturopath Centre Transport

Morningside Naturopath Clinic

There is a Bus stand on Thynne Rd at Ison Street, Bus stop 26 for Route 230,235 and P236.
The closest Train Station is Morningside which should only take 5 mins to walk to as it is on the opposite road.

Chermside Naturopath Clinic

Webster Road Bustop 37 is the closest to the clinic.

Please contact us for any questions about parking and our location
We would love to help you!


Brisbane Naturopath Centre - Integrated Wellness Clinic

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