Naturopath-Courtney Clark

SpecialityMental Health, Digestion, Hormone imbalance

EducationBachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and (Nutritional Medicine)

Naturopath-Courtney Clark

Courtney Clark has completed two Bachelors of Health Science, is fully qualified as both a Naturopath and Nutritionist and holds a passionate dream of wanting to save the world one inspiring human at a time! After several years of exploration and cultural submersion, living in both England and Canada, she found herself on the east coast of this beautiful country of ours to start her journey of becoming a Practitioner, enrolling into a University degree that would change the direction of her life forever.

Courtney relocated to the Sunshine Coast from Byron Bay, where during her 7 years as a resident, she established herself in the community with her own privately run clinic, working closely within the health and fitness industry, where she was the resident Nutritionist for the largest Mixed Martial Arts academy in the Southern Hemisphere.

It was during this time she gained invaluable experience working with clients whose goals varied from weight loss to lean muscle building and preparing professional and semi-professional fighters to be competition ready whilst performing at their maximum potential.

Courtney’s technical knowledge of the human body allows her to teach her patients the way in which their current state of health is contributing to their symptoms.

Courtney will take the time with her patients to bridge the gap between symptoms and cause, defining such intricacies as the ‘gut-brain connection’.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest research in clinical studies along with attending seminars and specialised training programs, ensures Courtney will be able to identify correctly the underlying causes of her patients’ health issues and therefore maximising better health outcomes with fast positive results.

Courtney endeavors to educate and empower those she meets, to choose health over convenience, so that everyone can be the BEST they deserve to be!



She holds a high level of experience in all areas of health, with special interest in:

  • Mental health, particularly the ‘gut-brain connection’
  • Adrenal, thyroid and hormonal imbalance
  • Digestive conditions, particularly food sensitivities
  • Anti-aging and preventing cognitive decline

Get to know Courtney Clark in 5 points!


  1. Courtney’s Mum might tell you that she was perhaps destined to be a part of the world of health and nutrition, as she recalls Courtney at the breakfast table at the ripe age of 8 years old, calling out to her “Mum, do you know how much salt is in Cornflakes? And how little fibre there actually is in Weetbix?”
  2. If there were anyone that walks their walk, Courtney is most certainly on that list. She absolutely practices what she preaches, following a healthy balanced lifestyle and emphasises the importance of ensuring the optimum work/life balance is achieved, by dedicating yourself regularly to an activity you enjoy such as yoga, walking, reading, being creative or meditation.
  3. Courtney has travelled to over 26 countries and loves exploring new cultures and immersing herself in the sights, sounds but particularly the tasts of each local region. Her knowledge and passion for nutrition trickles into how she teaches her patients she benefits of Food As Medicine, one of the key aspects to maintaining wellness.
  4. Courtney isn’t afraid of public speaking! Whilst many people fear it, addressing small or large groups comes naturally to Courtney, which stems back to her childhood years where you could find her on stage in a leading part of the school play, or quipping back rebuttals on the debate team.
  5. Writing is Courtney’s other passion. Having a way with words, both spoken and written, has been a tremendous advantage when the majority of a Naturopath’s time is spent conversing with both patients and health care providers. Whilst running her own clinic, Courtney wrote a successful blog that kept her followers involved in health and wellness current affairs. More recently, Courtney has written articles on various health topics which have appeared in print, in a number of publications produced here on the Sunshine Coast.

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