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Naturopath – April Patane


Naturopath – April Patane

April Patane is a fully qualified and accredited Naturopath. She is passionate about health education and enjoys equipping her patients with the necessary tools and evidence backed advice to achieve optimal health.

Her interest in health first sparked when she commenced employment at a health retreat soon after completing school. Starting out as an assistant to the head Naturopath, she was given invaluable insight into what could be achieved through working with the body’s natural restorative powers. This role also required her to facilitate health seminars with some of the top speakers of Holistic Medicine in Australia.

This experience throughout the years exposed her to some of the most up-to-date research and treatment protocols within the natural health industry.

Inspired by what she was learning she embarked on her own studies starting with Remedial Massage and Hydrotherapy. Understanding that education was the key to empowering others to be able to reach their health goals, April completed further studies into Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine.

During her 11 years of working within the health retreat environment, and then through her private practice on the Sunshine Coast, April learnt the key to turning her patient’s health around was a thorough investigation into the root causes for disease.
She enjoys working closely with her patients to discover and resolve blockages within the body and then gently supporting the body with its specific needs in order to heal and function optimally.

April has a special interest in Detoxification, including hormonal balance, Weight management, Digestive health, Skin disorders such as acne and eczema and healthy ageing.

Get to know Naturopath April in 5 points:


  1. April is a wwwout food lover and believes that following a healthy diet does not mean you have to compromise on taste. She loves exploring delicious and nutritious food options with her patients and is not shy about incorporating traditional foods from other cultures or trying something new.
  2. Growing up on a farm in North Queensland, April loves the countryside and would be more likely to be found exploring the gorgeous Sunshine Coast hinterland than lying on the beach. Camping, tagging along on a 4WD trip, climbing, hiking and sitting around a campfire with her partner Darren is how she enjoys her downtime.
  3. April is known for her inquisitive nature and for needing to know exactly how things work. She believes that being informed is the key to empowerment and loves taking the time to explain to her patients the ‘why’ so that they can actively take the lead in their own health journey.
  4. Another one of April’s passions other than health is humanitarian work. This has taken her all over the world to volunteer in places such as Peru and Kenya and more recently when she moved to Israel for a year to fulfil her dream of working with Holocaust survivors. Since returning home April has remained active with her humanitarian efforts by serving as a Board Member for the Australian chapter of ‘Bridges For Peace’. She has also been involved in health education outreach programs in South Africa, Vanuatu, New Zealand, USA and back home in Australia.
  5. April has a philosophy that our bodies are a gift and should be treated with the highest respect and appreciation. She also believes that practising thankfulness daily is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your health.

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