NNaturopath Brooke Hughes

Naturopath – Brooke Hughes

EducationBachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Naturopath – Brooke Hughes

Brooke Hughes is a qualified Naturopath, having completed her Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), she is passionate for all things integrative and natural health. Brooke has a warm and supportive nature, fostering the ideal environment to coach you through your health journey.

She believes that naturopathic healthcare is a collaborative process involving an in-depth conversation about you and your health concerns and creation of holistic treatment plans tailored to you; including dietary and lifestyle advice, nutritional and herbal medicine and functional testing. She pays particular attention to the details of each case, striving to identify and treat the true underlying causes of your signs/symptoms.

“My aim is to meet you where you are at, to empower you to be your best self – mentally, emotionally and physically, by equipping you with the tools and education you need.”

Brooke has a love of learning and wwwotes much time to research and professional wwwelopment in order to provide you with evidence-based treatments. She also believes in the power of education, making it her goal to educate you so that you can better understand your body and how it speaks to you through signs and symptoms and how to nurture it back to health.

Brooke’s Special Interests Include:
-Mental Health – anxiety, depression, stress.
-Gut-brain axis – drawing the link between digestive and mental health.
-Hormonal imbalances
-Adolescent/young-adult heath

Get to know Naturopath Brooke in 5 points:

1. Brooke certainly has caught the travel bug. She loves travelling with her family, immersing herself in different cultures and enjoying their unique cuisines.
2. Brooke is always up for an adventure, enjoying activities such as skiing, horse riding and snow ski-dooing.
3. While science is her passion, Brooke also is also a creative. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, cake decorating and cooking delicious new recipes.
4. Brooke is a big believer in food as medicine. She lives by the viewpoint that the body is a gift that requires nurturing and nourishing with wholesome food.
5. Brooke enjoys academic writing. She is passionate about writing case-study articles with the endeavour to publish them in academic journals to help build the empirical research base in natural medicine.

Sunshine Coast - Brisbane - Gold Coast

07 5458 4800


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