Gold Coast naturopath Dominique Mayhew

Naturopath – Dominique Mayhew

Specialityspecial interest in womens health including menopause, hormone imbalance, thyroid & mental health.

EducationBachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Naturopath – Dominique Mayhew

Gold Coast Naturopath Dominique Mayhew

Naturopthic Services at Integrated Wellness Clinic

Dominique is a degree qualified Naturopath, and deeply believes that a holistic approach to health and treatment empowers the patient to take control and responsibility of their own health and well-being, and ultimately achieving sustainable wellness. Dominique focuses her treatments heavily on identifying and addressing the root cause of dis-ease, integrating the most up to date and scientifically researched natural based methods with functional pathology testing.

Having had a passion for health and healing after seeing her mother treated in the early 70’s for leukaemia, Dominique has invested many years studying both within a university setting and spending time with traditional healers in Central and South America.  Dominique considers the totality and vitality of her patients and embraces a shared approach with them on their road to recovery, emphasising that health is not a pill or a quick fix.

Dominique offers a variety of treatments incorporating herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle guidance and modification. In clinic she has an emphasis on women’s health, weight gain, adrenal fatigue and holistic mental wellness and is excited to support you on your journey back to health.

I believe that Naturopathy is a beautiful balance of bringing science and nature to the centre of healing”

Get to know Naturopath Dominique

  1. Dominique lives to travel and left Australia when she was 20 to see the big wide world only to return 20 years later and realise that Australia is truly the lucky country. She has visited 35 + countries as well as having lived in the UK, USA and Syria. Next on her list is Salzburg to follow the Sound of Music trail through the mountains, then maybe Alaska.
  2. Dominique is passionate about spending time with her ‘boys’ aka husband and son, and happily spends time camping, hiking or golfing with them. Anything that involves being outdoors and enjoying life is on her priority list.
  3. Further study is on the horizon for Dominique and she would really like to invest the time researching viral replication, particularly Herpes Simplex Virus 1 &2 and their role in long-term degenerative diseases which potentially have a viral etiology.
  4. Dominique loves a thrill and has been fortunate enough to skydive from 11,000 ft over the Barrier Reef, paraglide off the snowy mountains in Meribel France as well as the hills behind Monaco, Bungee jumped in Mexico, glided over the hills of Wales, rally driving in Brands Hatch UK, and the Audi sports driving experience. Anything that involves adrenaline, height or speed and she is up for it.
  5. Dominique is an avid people person and will talk to anyone about anything, she loves to hear about people’s lives, experiences and motivation, her husband often comments that she could be hiking up Everest and know someone.

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