Naturopath Rebecca

Naturopath – Rebecca Gunning

Naturopath – Rebecca Gunning

About Naturopathic Practitioner Rebecca

Rebecca is a degree qualified Naturopath and believes that the body deserves to be treated with individuality using a holistic understanding of the physical body, psyche, diet and environment.

Rebecca’s main focus is to identify and address the root cause of dis-ease, and to provide education on how to achieve sustainable wellness. Rebecca takes time to listen and understand the patient’s health history in order to create a treatment plan that highlights the goals and needs specific to the individual.

Rebecca has a strong passion for community health and has previous experience working and volunteering with vulnerable members of the community. This was pivotal in Rebecca’s direction towards Naturopathy, as it helped her notice the limitations of mainstream services and highlighted the importance of patient-centred and holistic care. Rebecca believes health often requires a multi-modal approach and is happy to work alongside other medical or complementary practitioners to achieve the best possible outcome.

Rebecca offers a variety of treatments that incorporates herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, and dietary and lifestyle modification. In clinic she has an emphasis on adolescent women’s health, mental health, gastrointestinal health and skin health.

Get to know Practitioner Rebecca

  1. Rebecca became interested in natural health after going through a major surgery and meeting with a Naturopath to improve her recovery. She was inspired by the knowledge, time and care that was shared, and the following year was enrolled to study!
  2. Being out in nature is something that helps Rebecca to reconnect, and she is often going away camping, hiking, or heading off to the beach.
  3. Rebecca loves gardening and herbal medicine and has a dream of being a self-sufficient herbalist with a large medicinal garden. She is particularly passionate about sustainability and adopting a ‘take what you need’ approach, which is inclusive of the herbal medicines she prescribes.
  4. Rebecca has a keen interest in environmental science and has plans to study this in the near future.
  5. Rebecca has a passion for the elderly community and spends some of her time volunteering as a ‘community visitor’. She enjoys listening to their stories and helping to improve their quality of life by providing simple friendship.

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