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Naturopath – Suzi Le Fanue

EducationBSc (Biomedical) ND

Naturopath – Suzi Le Fanue

Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist and Clinic Founder 

Suzi is an international Naturopath, Clinic Founder, Speaker and Wellness Educator who has a special interest in the treatment of acute and chronic digestive disease through thorough and accurate pathology testing. In particular the connection between the gut and all other systems in the body such as hormonal imbalance, mood disorders and skin conditions. Since completing her degree, Suzi has predominantly worked in the areas of mental health and digestion. She has a very strong interest of the management of pyroluria (mental health) and the MTHFR gene as well as infant and children’s health.

Suzi completed a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, majoring in Nutrition with a minor in Medical Microbiology (the science of studying bacteria, virus and fungus). Suzi has also completed postgraduate studies in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine.

Suzi has worked on genetic research projects and is passionate about research in the field of natural medicine and health. Using nutritional medicine, herbal medicine and diet correction, Suzi is able to address conditions such as hormone imbalances, digestive complaints, infertility, mental health issues, allergies and preventative medicine. Suzi has a strong emphasis on finding the imbalance through specialised pathology testing and correcting the imbalance, at the same time using a “no band-aid approach”.

As a result of her Science background, Suzi has an in depth understanding of the human body from both a biochemical and a natural integrated perspective. This is what she believes is the “biomedical approach”. She has built strong relationships with many medical professionals on the Sunshine Coast to strengthen her integrative approach to wellness.

Her approach is to address every possible trigger, this is when you get the best possible outcome. The potential cause is often left without treatment, her goal is to find your cause.

Suzi believes that there is a place for both orthodox and complimentary therapies. She respects her clients choice of healthcare and is always delighted to work alongside the clients medical practitioners.

Suzi has appeared in numerous magazines, papers, radio broadcast, health retreats and invited to speak about her passion. She is founder of Integrated Wellness Clinic. Suzi Le Fanue is a strong believer that educating the public is the best form of preventative medicine. She looks forward to helping you achieve your health goals.

She leads a team of incredibly talented Practitioners as part of the team of Integrated Wellness Clinic. Her vision is to provide more and more people with access to every day natural therapies with a scientific approach.

Suzi featured on the October cover of Holistic Bliss Magazine you can read the story “Creating True Health and Happiness” that delves into Suzi’s personal journey of wellness, page 14-15.

Get to know Suzi in 5 points!

1. Suzi became interested in Natural Medicine as a teenager. She suffered from a life-threatening form of asthma. Largely allergy driven. She was in intensive care and high dependency ward, spending a large majority of her childhood in hospital.
Constantly getting sick, struggling with weight and not wanting to follow the path of daily steroids, antibiotics and medication, she took it upon herself to get better. Suzi went to study Science at university and started to develop anxiety and panic, a result of constant stress, and burn out. After this she realised that science was not the only place that could provide the answers so she decided to study natural therapies, as this was what helped her and it was her passion. It made sense.

2. She loves to travel. This is her biggest passion and uses it for self development and of course relaxation! Her favourite places she has visited is Greece, Japan and the Caribbean. She is always looking forward to exploring!

3. She is an advocate of giving back, especially to those most vulnerable… children. Integrated Wellness Clinic currently supports Compassion Child Fund, Watato & Child Fund through sponsorship of Children.

4. Integrated Wellness Clinic was a vision of Suzi’s for a very long time.  It was started by herself and her husband initially as a 1 room, 1 Practitioner clinic. The demand quickly grew to what it is today. Since she was very young she always wanted to create her own business. This started at 16 years of age when she set up her own “natural beauty product range” to sell to friends, family and market. To work with a team of people all on the same line of thinking, is a dream come true.

5. Suzi is happily married and Mum to a gorgeous baby boy, Elijah and sweet baby girl, Ariella. Together (with their poodle Pierre) they spend most of their spare time outdoors, they love the beach.

Favourite quote: “Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions speak louder than your words”

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