What is progesterone ?

What is progesterone ? Progesterone is a female sex hormone produced by the ovaries that helps balance the menstrual cycle. It is important in fertility as it is released by the ovaries after ovulation to thicken the uterine lining to...

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The Missing Links of Mental Health

The Missing Links of Mental Health Author: Suzi Le Fanue In certain circumstances there is a place for pharmaceutical intervention, however, do medications really address all facets of mental health? Mental Health is so multidimensional - there are many neurotransmitter,...

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Allergy season

Most people welcome spring with open arms, embracing the warmer and longer days, flowers blossoming and summer on its way, but for others spring is a time of the year they would prefer to hide from. Seasonal allergies are often...

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Heard of SIBO ?

Have you heard of SIBO ?  There are so many gut conditions that contribute to a range of symptoms experienced so often by many people who are otherwise "healthy". You may have heard of Irritable bowel syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel disease...

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