Dietitian Sunshine Coast

Dietitian – Madelyn Cornwall

SpecialityAll areas of nutrition

EducationBachelor of Dietetics

Dietitian – Madelyn Cornwall

Madelyn Cornwall is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, completing her Bachelor degree in Dietetics at the University of the Sunshine Coast. She discovered her passion for nutrition through her love for dance. Maddie spent a lot of time dancing and performing from a young age. This sparked an interest in learning to understand the way the foods we eat affect performance. As a young adult, Maddie was also diagnosed with coeliac disease, which further fuelled her passion for nutrition, and her interest in the impact of food on health and well-being.

Maddie can support all areas of health, however, her areas of special interest are in:
Managing and treating disorders of the gut including coeliac disease and FODMAP intolerance.
Balancing vegetarian and flexitarian diets.
Fostering a holistic approach to weight management.
Maintaining physical and mental function in ageing.

Get to know dietitian Maddie in 5 points:

  1. Maddie’s down-time is very much revolved around the ocean. Whether this be
    through surfing, going on long walks with her kelpie, reading a book, or having
    picnics by the water.
  2. She has a passion for movement. This includes a balance of yoga, HIIT sessions,
    dance and long walks. As long as she has the opportunity to move in some way that
    brings her joy, she is happy!
  3. Maddie likes to explore gluten free eats on the Sunshine Coast, and considers trying
    new foods as a hobby of hers because she enjoys it so much!
  4. She will often be found catching a coffee, going for a bite to eat, exploring the local
    markets or going for a stroll with family or close friends, as she values sharing quality
    time and enjoys being active amongst the Sunshine Coast community.
  5. Maddie likes to travel and explore. More recently, this includes visiting beautiful
    waterfalls, going camping or going for trips to Double Island point.

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