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Naturopath – Sarah Ditchfield

EducationBachelor of Health Science

Naturopath – Sarah Ditchfield

Sarah Ditchfield is a qualified Naturopath completing a Bachelor of Health Science. She is passionate on holistically treating the whole person and discovering the root cause through support of scientific research, pathology testing and investigations, questioning and overall having a comprehensive understanding on how the human body functions.

As a Naturopathic health practitioner, she feels education is the key for effective change, allowing the individual to take charge and understand their current health condition/s.  This is supported through individualised treatment plans alongside nutritional, herbal, food as medicine and lifestyle support and recommendations. She is also a great advocate in not only healing the internal self but also encouraging and strengthening the external self through physical movement and breath for whole body healing.

Sarah has a growing passion for educating, supporting and empowering adolescents, in particular females on awareness of physical body changes, understanding their hormones, emotions and menstruation cycle. Sarah feels there is currently limited resources and education for young women on entirely understanding this natural body process and embracing these changes in a positive light. It is part of her career mission to help women understand their body.

Special interests include

  • Adolescent Wellness (skin, hormones, menstruation irregularities, anxiety)
  • Skin disorders (such as eczema and acne)
  • Respiratory and Asthmatic conditions
  • Hormonal and Nervous system support

Get to Know Sarah in 5 points

  1. Sarah’s motivations for working within the natural health industry, originally stems from her own personal health journey thus far and experiencing just how beneficial holistic healing can assist ones self.  This included suffering from chronic asthma and eczema and the integration of chiropractic and naturopathic healing.
  2. With a 20 year background in classical and contemporary dance, Sarah is passionate for movement of the body such as Pilates matt and reformer, yoga, barre and dance to strengthen not only the physical but also the mind and spirit.
  3. She is currently studying Matt Pilates Teacher training and eventually wishes to incorporate Naturopathy and Pilates together.
  4. In any spare time, Sarah will most likely be at the ocean or exploring out in nature and hiking along the Sunshine Coast coastline.
  5. She spent some of her early adult life travelling and living overseas. This lead to a great love of exploring and completely immersing herself in the array of different culture, food and scenery this world has to offer.  From this experience, it formed a great love and appreciation for Australia’s food, lifestyle and beautiful vast landscape.

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