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Relationship Counselling

relationship counsellingRelationship Counselling Sunshine Coast

Do you feel as though your relationship is lacking:

  • Love?
  • Care?
  • Respect?
  • Appreciation?
  • Connection?
  • Acceptance?
  • Compassion?

Relationship and Couples Counselling creates a safe harbour for couples to openly express their feelings in a constructive environment.

Relationships may struggle for many reasons, this may be due to many factors such as:

  • Cracks have started to develop after a lengthy time together
  • Being time poor and not having enough time to put into the relationship
  • A continual sense of stress and overwhelm
  • Suffering with physical or mental illness or disbalance
  • Feeling misunderstood and unheard
  • A life experience or trauma that challenges the strength of the relationship
  • Unresolved conflict
  • Holding expectations of each other that may be misunderstood, unrealistic or misaligned
  • Going long periods of time with a lack of joy and overall life fulfillment
  • Financial strains causing high stress
  • Trust has been compromised
  • Reduced care or respect

The core purpose of relationship counselling is to:

  • Learn how to effectively support each other
  • Give both individuals a legitimate voice and work through any misunderstandings
  • Facilitate communication in a non-judgemental manner
  • Validate experiences
  • Identify again the core personality traits that connected you to each other in the first place
  • Re-establish the connection that once existed but is now missing
  • Discuss the arguments or disagreements that seem reoccurring and never ending. What is the core reasoning of these?

When we feel attacked or judged we go into defensive behaviours and create patterns that rarely get into the essence of what is really going on. So, within a non-judgemental and safe therapeutic way both parties will have the time and space to be able to effectively communicate what they are experiencing and what is going on.

Both individuals are the client, there is no bias. Time will be spent delving into patterns that may have been established before the relationship was developed. These patterns may be getting in the way of effectively communicating your needs, tension and fears with each other. These patterns could be what is holding you back from a beautiful relationship.

Our compassionate team offer couples counselling where the deeper needs and desires of both individuals are heard and understood. Our approach is non-judgemental and warm.

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