At Integrated Wellness Clinic Your Naturopath Offers

Free Assessment Consultations. 

This is a fantastic starting point, particularly for those who are new to Naturopath therapies or who have many questions.

What is involved in this free consultation? 

  1. We ask you about your health goals
  2. You explain your health concerns and symptoms
  3. Your Naturopathic will then explain what they feel the triggers and cause is. This could be hormonal, biochemical, toxin or bacterial imbalance.
  4. Pathology testing that is likely to be conducted will be discussed, at the discretion of your Practitioner, it may be recommended in this consultation
  5. You ask as many questions as you like
  6. Your Naturopathy would then assess who the best Practitioner is for you to see and the type of plan that would best suit you
  7. There are absolutely no strings attached, but there is lots of information!

You will have the opportunity to spend 30 minutes with one of our highly trained and experienced Practitioners, we guarantee you wont leave unsatisfied!

Initial Naturopath Consultation.

Typically it will begin with you completing 2 in depth questionnaires, one around your physical health and the other around your mental health. We will go over this information and any other information you have and formulate a treatment plan based around pathology tests and your presenting symptoms. Some in clinic urine and saliva testing or live blood microscopy screening may be done in the clinic.

Following this we may write referral letters for other Practitioners, referral forms for pathology and make dietary, herbal and nutritional supplement recommendations.

Once we have done thorough testing we will typically tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs which may include nutritional and herbal medicines. Following this we will be able to further cater a healthy eating plan based on your current health status.

Will I be taking supplements? Generally yes. However, this is different for every person. Once you are at a point where your tests results are better and you are feeling incredible, then we will work at reducing the supplements. Supplements are usually not intended for long term use.

Follow up Consultations. These are when we reassess your treatment plan, perform in clinic testing, weigh and measure you if needed, modify your food therapy strategies, alter your nutritional supplements and request pathology testing where needed. They are the best way to keep you on track and for us to monitor your progress.

Naturopath Consultation

We use the ‘Healthpoint’ health fund rebate system in the clinic our accredited Naturopaths have current health fund provider status. This means if you bring your card to the consultation you can usually claim your rebate on the spot using our Healthpoint terminal, and only pay the gap on your consultation. This helps you see your health fund benefit sooner.

Consultations start at $57.

Book your FREE Assessment Consultation to get you started. 

No matter where you are, we can offer naturopathic consultation by phone or skype consultations and nutritional supplementation through Australia and Overseas. Alternatively, we would love to see you in person in our Brisbane Naturopath or Naturopath Gold Coast Clinic either or Buderim Naturopath or Caloundra Naturopath Clinic on the Sunshine Coast.

Naturopathy Consultations start at $57 with Suzi Le Fanue and Vanessa And More of our team. There are a variety of treatment plans available, book a FREE Introductory Consultation to get you started Phone (07) 5458 4800

More Info about our Naturopaths

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All of our Naturopath team are registered with a Naturopathy  Association ANPAATMS or ANTA.  To read more about Naturopathy see this link “What is a Naturopath?”

We guarantee you will leave this Naturopathy Consultation with 3 key learnings!

Book this highly educational Free Naturopathic Consultation online or click the phone number to speak with our team (07) 5458 4800 .

Free Consult with Naturopath Buderim & Caloundra Brisbane Naturopath

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We would love to see you in our Brisbane Naturopathy Clinic and Naturopathic Gold Coast Clinic or our Sunshine Coast Naturopaths Clinics in both Buderim and Caloundra. Alternatively, no matter where you are, we can offer naturopathy services by phone or skype consultations and provide nutritional supplementation and pathology testing advice.