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Acupuncture Sunshine CoastTraditional Chinese Medicine and Sunshine Coast Acupuncture Clinic

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Within our Sunshine Coast Acupuncture Clinic we offer an evidence based approach fused with time proven traditional methods. Our team are Bachelor level qualified in Acupuncture. Our Sunshine Coast Acupuncturist, Sally Taylor, is particularly interested in the correction of hormone imbalance, chronic fatigue, digestive disease and mental health. A session at Integrated Wellness Clinic should leave you feeling refreshed with a new found sense of clarity of your health. Our Practitioner team offer a collaborative approach and enjoy working together to help you get the best possible outcome. Sally’s warm and empathetic nature is evident the minute you meet her.

Treatment may include prescription of nutritional medicines, lifestyle assessment, herbal formulas, cupping, massage and acupuncture.

Treatments usually run in 5 stages – 

1. “Root treatment” addressing the constitution or fundamental habitual inclination.

2. “Channel treatment” addressing the meridians involved in the presenting condition

3. “Supportive treatment” reinforcing the constitution and condition treatments

4. “Residual symptomatic treatment” addressing the manifestation of the condition

5. “Homework!” may include herbal medicine, exercises, diet & lifestyle adjustments

What is involved in a Sunshine Coast Acupuncture treatment session? 

Acupuncture is a gentle, effective form of therapy using very fine needles and shallow insertion about 1-2mm, and sometimes only just making contact with the skin.

It is unique in its efficiency and precision using skilful palpation and gentle stimulation. Techniques often are directed at using the minimal amount of stimulation to attain the greatest results.

The practitioner tends to observe the body more directly through the art of palpatory diagnosis, listening with the hands, using touch and energetic testing to discover where the body’s information systems are imbalanced.

In general this is a very effective treatment approach for all conditions, it can also be very useful in sensitive or fatigued patients or patients with chronic conditions. Patients find the treatment very relaxing and feel refreshed, rejuvenated and an improvement in their health.

Sunshine Coast Acupuncture

In our Sunshine Coast Acupuncture Clinic, we welcome patients with a variety of health conditions including but not limited to–

If you have any questions or to make a booking, please contact us  at Integrated Wellness Clinic Sunshine Coast (07) 5458 4800 

About our Acupuncturist – Sally Taylor

Sunshine Coast Acupuncturist Sally

Sally Taylor is a Bachelor qualified Acupuncturist who also studied in a internship program in China. Sally has the ability to fuse modern acupuncture with traditional methods. Sally enjoys helping her clients become empowered on their health journey. She is passionate about addressing underlying imbalances, that are the potential root causes of disharmony in the body. Utilising the knowledge of nutrition, cupping, massage, chinese medicine and acupuncture, Sally ensures a thorough and holistic approach.

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