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Caloundra Naturopath

Welcome to our Caloundra Naturopath Clinic

Integrated Wellness Clinic has a solid reputation as a leading Naturopathic clinic on the Sunshine Coast. Integrated Wellness Clinic was established 5 years ago and has serviced central Sunshine Coast for that time. Our Caloundra Naturopath Clinic is home to a team of Clinical Naturopaths and a Psychologist.

  • Are you looking for a Naturopath clinic in Caloundra that offers scientific evidence-based practices fused with time proven Naturopathic methods?
  • Are you tired of jumping between Practitioners?
  • Are tired, overwhelmed and sick of your current health status?

If that is you, then you have come to the right place!

 Our Naturopaths primary goals are to:

  • Increase energy and zest for life
  • Create calm and clear minds
  • Get you feeling physically the best you can

We do this by following the Integrated Wellness 3 step methodology.

  1. Collaborative Care
  2. Pathology Testing
  3. Education & Empowerment

Our consulting Caloundra Naturopaths include:

Shani Sulter NaturopathShani Sulter

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Shani Sulter is a fully qualified and very thorough Naturopath. Shani is known for her warm and empathetic personality. She has a special interest in mental health, gut health, Paediatrics and Skin disorders.

April Patane Naturopath Sunshine CoastApril Patane

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April is a fully qualified Naturopath who enjoys working closely with her patients to discover and resolve blockages within the body and then gently supporting the body with its specific needs in order to heal and function optimally. She is interested in all areas of health including hormones, thyroid, gut, weight loss, detox, cardiovascular, stress and mental health.

Ellen Tattam Caloundra Sunshine Coast NaturopathEllen Tattam 

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Ellen Tattam has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy). Ellen is passionate about helping her clients understand their health simply. Her special interests are in hormonal imbalance, autoimmune and skin conditions.

 Lesley BakerLesley Baker Naturopath

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Lesley Baker is a qualified Naturopath who takes the time to investigate your health on a deeper level. Lesley has a special interest in Skin issues, children’s health, Autoimmune disorders and gut issues such as IBS, IBD, SIBO.

Free consult Caloundra NaturopathFor all new Caloundra Naturopath clients, we offer a free naturopathic assessment.

The free naturopathic assessment consultation is a great place to start for those who are new to our clinic. The Naturopath consultation starts with you explaining your main health concerns. Our Naturopath Practitioner can then explain:

  • Likely underlying triggers
  • Possible nutrient deficiencies
  • Testing that may need to be completed
  • A plan of action listing the steps for you to take towards regain good health.Caloundra Naturopath Clinic Sunshine Coast

You can book online!

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or Call (07) 5458 4800 

We are located at Shop 7/51-55 Bulcock Street, Caloundra.

We truly cant wait to welcome you in our Caloundra Naturopath & Psychology clinic!

Follow these links to learn what is a Naturopathhow we can help, what pathology testing we have access to and what to expect in a Naturopath consultation.