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1-1 Mat Pilates 

Our clinical pilates classes are led by a qualified physiotherapist and a safe and highly effective way to stretch, strengthen and improve your mobility. 

Our 1-1 mat classes are tailored to your specific needs and desired goals, and can be integrated into your physiotherapy treatment program. 

Pilates can help prevent injury and enhance your flexibility, stability and movement.  

Who can benefit from Pilates?

Everyone can benefit from practicing pilates, but it is particularly effective to support:  

  • Women with pelvic floor weakness, prolapse or other similar issues 
  • Postnatal mothers 
  • Women with abdominal separation or diastasis recti 
  • Lower back pain sufferers 
  • Joint and muscular pain including arthritis
  • People with poor posture 
  • Office Workers 
  • Athletes and Sports People 

How does it help? 

Pilates is a gentle way to build strong, lean muscle while improving your core strength. A strong core supports a strong back, which helps many people overcome lower back pain and joint issues from poor posture. 

Under the instruction of an experienced physiotherapist, pilates is an excellent option for mothers to rebuild their core and pelvic tone following childbirth and to support rehabilitation following any birth complications. 

Pilates can also help you prevent injury and correct muscle imbalances, by strengthening weak and supporting muscles and ligaments. 

Meet Your Pilates Physiotherapist

Digby has more than six years clinical experience as a physio with a Bachelor of Health Science/Master of Physiotherapy from the Western Sydney University. 

During this time he also became a certified Clinical Pilates Instructor with APPI and has previously worked alongside an internationally renowned podiatrist for gait and lower limb biomechanical assessments.

Digby has worked with all age groups and presentations in his pilates classes and looks forward to welcoming to a 1-1 mat class. 

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