Natural Fertility 

Are you longing to become a parent?
Have you been trying for months? Years even?
Have seen the doctor, had your blood work completed, and still there’s nothing…
All the while another friend has fallen pregnant with ease and you’re set to attend a family gathering where you know you’re going to be asked yet again, “When are you two having kids?” Warned, “Don’t leave it too late!”
Sound familiar?

Boost your chances of a healthy pregnancy

If you’re desperately trying to have a baby and worried time is ticking away…
Are planning to go through IVF and want to ensure every chance of success…
Or simply planning to become a parent’s in the near future, the Baby Builders program is for you.

Baby Builders program is a holistic approach to preconception that will arm you with everything you need to know and do to increase your fertility naturally. It is ideal for both men and women struggling to fall pregnant as well those at the very start of their preconception journey.

Baby Builders is a step by step program that was once only offered online and is now available with in-person support from Program Founders, Mary Martin and Vanessa Lamaro, at our Mooloolaba or Caloundra Clinic and via phone or virtual consultations.

Baby Builders is a proven pathway to fast track your baby making success, having transformed the lives of hundreds of parent hopefuls across the globe. 


Why do so many of our couples get the results they are looking for after 4 months?

Science tells us this is how long it takes to produce healthy eggs and sperm. By taking action and following our proven steps, you will see and feel a dramatic shift in your health, preparing you and your partner for a healthy, full term pregnancy.

There is so much more to falling pregnant than simply coming off contraception and getting in the sack.

Our bodies are highly sophisticated, intelligent beings that simply won’t allow an embryo to flourish in a suboptimal environment despite our best will.

And that’s a good thing, right? It means with the right advice and guidance you can change your fertility.

We can work together to improve your fertility naturally and the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy now!

Meet your Fertility Naturopaths

Vanessa Lamaro

Vanessa Lamaro Naturopath

Vanessa Lamaro is a naturopath passionate about helping people achieve freedom from their health complaints. It is her goal to assist and empower every client to achieve optimal vitality, health and happiness. Vanessa personally used naturopathic medicine to overcome her own fertility issues after Doctors had told her that I could never get pregnant naturally with a diagnosis of PCOS and a meagre 4 periods a year! But Vanessa’s two children are a testament to the power of naturopathy. Vanessa firmly believes that with the right support and advice, as well as a positive attitude and a willingness to make changes, that you can overcome your own fertility challenges and have the vitality, health, happiness and children you truly desire.

Mary Martin

Mary Martin naturopath

Mary Martin is a naturopath specializsing in women’s and men’s reproductive health. Mary’s compassionate, professional and holistic approach takes into consideration all aspects of each member of the couple’s health on a physical and emotional level. Her systematic approach has been a welcome relief to those in need of an achievable step-by-step program to follow for significantly increasing the chances of conception success. In her experience, she observes that couples who commit to improving their overall and reproductive health prior to conception not only significantly increase their chances of successful conception, but also go on to give their unborn child the best possible genetic inheritance; the gift of vibrant health and vitality.

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