Express Naturopathic Clinic

The ultimate choice for people who are time poor or in need of a quick supplement prescription

  • Have you been wanting nutritional advice from an expert but just can’t find the time?
  • Have you come down with a cold or flu, injury or other acute condition?
  • Do you need a repeat on some practitioner products or supplements
  • Do you need a referral for bloodwork or pathology?
  • Do you have a quick question about your treatment plan?

Our Express Clinic is a 10 minute consultation over the phone or video link with one of our dedicated naturopaths. It is a focused, micro session designed to address a pressing concern.
It is not appropriate for long-standing, complex conditions or symptoms that require comprehensive review and deeper discussion including:

  • Diet and lifestyle management
  • Review of all of your current concerns
  • New programs

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Sunshine Coast - Brisbane - Gold Coast

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