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Right fit Practitioner Promise

The right fit is super important! In this consult, it is a great chance to see if you are a good fit. The possibility of treatment with another Practitioner may be discussed. We want you to be so comfortable with your Practitioner and in the hands of someone who has the skill needed to help your health shift.

Satisfaction Gaurantee

During your first month of consulting with your Naturopath if you do not believe that we have provided outstanding service, we will refund your initial consultation fee. While we cannot guarantee health, we can guarantee our service.

IWC 3 step method

As a leading Naturopath clinic and having treated 20, 000 people we have formulated a process to define the "sweet spot" when it comes to Naturopathic consulting. Rest assured you will receive the same high quality care from of all of our Naturopaths.

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Our $50 Naturopath Assessment with one of our expert practitioners is the ideal place to start.

The assessment is a complete overview of your health where we will also assess your goals and provide you with relevant handouts and tools.

This highly educational consultation will cover:

  • An outline of your health history
  • The possible underlying triggers and causes of your symptoms
  • A roadmap to help you get back on track and feel better sooner
  • Your Naturopath may prescribe you some symptomatic care supplements to get you started!

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