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The team at Integrated Wellness Clinic is passionate about understanding the cause of your health condition in order to develop an individualised health care plan that is realistic and achievable.
We’d love to be your partner in natural health so you can start feeling better, sooner.

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Branch: Gold Coast Naturopath

Address: Units 6-9, 11 Karp Ct, Bundall QLD 4217

Phone: QLD (07) 5458 4800 

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Meet Gold Coast Naturopath Dominique Mayhew

Naturopathic Medicine, Nutritionist, and Medical Herbalist

Naturopath Gold Coast Dominique Mayhew

Qualified Naturopath Practitioner – Dominique Mayhew

“I believe that Naturopathy is a beautiful balance of bringing science and nature to the centre of healing.”

I focus heavily on understanding you as an individual to uncover the root cause of dis-ease. By doing this, it allows me to custom create your treatment plan with evidence based and functional pathology.
I am to be a “people person” and will do absolute best to make sure you are comfortable at all stages of your care.
I am passionate about getting my clients to feel well. Can I help you?

Congratulations on taking the first step to regaining good health.

Everyday in clinic clients come to see us because they are:

Naturopath Sunshine Coast Struggling with pain or discomfort

Naturopath Sunshine Coast

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Naturopath Sunshine Coast

Staying up late researching health symptoms

Naturopath Sunshine Coast Constantly feeling overwhelmed, tired, stressed and foggy

If that resonates with you, we are here to support you.

Gold Coast Naturopath

Some naturopathic treatment & health areas our Clinical Naturopath gold coast Practitioner works in include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Naturopathic treatment expensive?

Affordable healthcare is important to us. Our Naturopaths are very knowledgeable to ensure you spend only where is essential. Purchasing supplements is optional. We are not here to sell you a heap of supplements, we are here to holistically support you. There is a focus on areas of your such as your lifestyle, sleep and diet. These usually don’t come with a price tag. We have developed a consulting style (our unique IWC 3 step method) that allows flexibility and sustainability. Thus making it affordable for any budget.

If needed, we offer a payment plan with no interest. However, essentially we are comfortable working within your means.

What is the difference between a Naturopath and a GP Doctor?

We recognise the importance of medical doctors, and it is our opinion that better health can be achieved by integrating the medical and holistic world. Naturopaths are trained to use only high-quality natural medicine products, lifestyle changes, nutritional changes to stabilise health and wellness concerns. Naturopaths are trained in functional pathology testing as well as using minimal invasive therapy strategies. Naturopaths are not to take the role of a medical doctor. Naturopaths cannot diagnose conditions. Visit our website to learn how we can support you with our network of incredible medical doctors.

What goes on in a Naturopath Consultation?

Naturopaths are trained to uncover the root cause of health issues. They take the time to recognise the complexities of your health and wellness, as well as your signs and symptoms and the impact these carry your life. Your Naturopath will spend time reviewing you health history in great detail. They can then assess and implement what the most effective therapy path for you is, and this may consist of dietary alterations, supplements, pathology testing, incorporating other Specialists into your treatment.

You will continuously leave the appointment with a simple, clearly defined and streamlined naturopathic care plan. Ask us how what a treatment plan would look like for you.

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Do you offer a satisfaction gaurantee?

Yes we do. While we cannot guarantee your health outcome, we can guarantee our quality of service. If after your first consultation you don’t feel we have provided you with good quality, friendly service or you are simply unhappy with your consult we will refund your consultation fee. Easy.

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Request your FREE discovery call

Why do we offer a Free discovery call?

A discovery call is perfect if you:

Aren’t sure if Naturopathy can help you

✓ Have seen a Naturopath before, and you want to figure out if we can help further

✓ Would like to ask questions before you start a treatment plan

We are here and ready to support you!