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Stress is a response that occurs naturally in response to situations or events that make you feel under pressure – these events/situations are called stressors. Small amounts of stress can provide a positive effect, as the stress response prepares your body and mind for a situation that requires energy, concentration and organisation, such as meeting a deadline, giving a presentation or sitting an exam. This type of stress is called acute stress and generally the body is capable of bouncing back from this type of stress. 

An acute stress response that feels abnormally amplified is the type of stress response that we need to monitor. This type of stress can be debilitating and is usually a result of chronic stress. 

Beyond Acute Stress Chronic stress can result from an ongoing stressful situation such as health problems, high workload, relationship issues, parenting, financial problems, residing in an unsafe environment, social isolation, or caring for someone with complex needs. As well as this, chronic stress may result from a number of stressors occurring at the same time.

How to Recognise Chronic Stress
Symptoms of ongoing stress can be physical and psychological, including ‘burnout’ or adrenal fatigue, changes to sleep (including insomnia), weight gain/loss, low immune function, headaches, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, muscle aches and pains, digestive symptoms, worry, fear, overwhelm, poor concentration/memory, irritability, anxiety, anger, and an inability to ‘switch off’.

Treatment for Stress
It is common to feel like there is no end to chronic stress, however, there are a number of treatment approaches that have been proven to effectively reduce and manage stress. It is often not as simple as saying “stress less”. Rather, a thorough approach to stress management will enable you to feel empowered to identify and manage stressors and stress, ensuring you can lead a balanced life that supports your overall health and help.

Our Psychologists and Counsellors are highly trained in providing effective interventions for stress, helping you to identify and address the underlying factors that may be contributing, and implement efficacious ways to address stress.
Research based techniques that may be implemented:

  • Mindfulness-based stress management
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Problem solving
  • Goal setting
  • Lifestyle assessment and alterations
  • Cognitive behavioural stress management

We would be humbled to help you. You do not need a referral from your doctor to see our psychologists or counsellors, however, doing so may attract a medicare rebate. Please contact us for further information.

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We would be humbled to help you. You do not need a referral from your doctor to see our Practitioners, however, doing so may attract a medicare rebate.
Best contact us for more information.
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