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You may benefit from an online psychology session if you are:

  • A Farmer
  • Juggling FIFO work
  • Time poor and busy
  • Unwell or physically can’t leave home
  • Living nowhere near a Psychologist
  • Experiencing anxiety and prefer to stay home

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Frequently asked questions

What are Telehealth online Psychology consults?

Telehealth psychology sessions are a great option for those that cannot come into the clinic but want to experience psychology through online counselling Australia therapy. The consultations are completed using video conferencing technology. This has been found to be an effective method for people wanting to undergo psychology care.

Is telehealth consultations as effective as face-to-face Psychology consultations?

The Australia Psychological Society (APS) said, “Psychological treatment provided using videoconferencing technology has been found to be as effective as a face-to-face appointment for a variety of mental health problems.”

Are there any benefits of completing a telehealth online psychology consult?


  1. Time: No need to travel and wait in a waiting room.
  2. Location: If you live remotely and the nearest Psychologist is far away.
  3. Convenience: Perhaps you are busy juggling so much in your life or perhaps you would rather not leave the house.
  4. Privacy: If you live in a small town or you have a public profile in your area you may feel a little uncomfortable seeing someone local (rest assured everything is strictly confidential).
  5. Comfort: You get to be cosy in your own home. Many people report this is preferred.
  6. Choice: Telehealth means you can consult with the telehealth psychologist of your choice, you are not limited to only Psychologists that are near you.

What conditions can a Psychologist treat via telehealth consult?

Most mental health conditions that we see face-to-face can be treated similarly via online telehealth consult with a Psychologist. Mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, anger, stress and pregnancy and postnatal depression are just a few of the common areas our Psychologists treat via telehealth online therapy.

Is there any areas a Psychologist cant consult in via online telehealth?

Most areas can be treated, however, in some instances, certain conditions and symptoms must be managed in person. However, we can let you know if that is the case, or discuss this with your GP. Some assessments such as ADOS-2 (for Autism diagnosis) cannot be completed via telehealth. Contact us if you would like to check.

How many treatment sessions can be accessed?

If you are eligible for telehealth psychological services, you can receive up to 10 telehealth sessions with a mental health professional per calendar year.

How do I know if I am eligible to access telehealth online psychology services and online counselling with a Medicare Rebate?

Telehealth is accessible to all! This would be classed as private fee-paying.

However, to be eligible to receive these services under medicare psychologist and get a rebate for a mental health condition, you must:

  • have an eligible mental health condition and a referral from a GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician
  • live in an eligible rural, remote or very remote location1
  • be located at least 15 kilometres by road from the mental health professional
  • not be a patient of an emergency department or admitted to hospital at the time of the service. In some cases, it may not be appropriate to receive psychological treatment by telehealth; your referring doctor and/or mental health professional will discuss this with you.

Is online psychology Telehealth covered by my health fund?

You may be eligible for a rebate. You will need to check with your health fund.

*Note*: During the COVID-19 crisis, from 30th March 2020, you can claim the rebate subject to the below

  • The patient is undergoing an existing course of treatment, and has seen the psychologist providing the teleconsultation over the past six months, or
  • For new patients, the telepsychology service has been recommended by their general practitioner, and
  • The service is delivered before 30 September 2020, and
  • The service is undertaken in accordance with Australian Psychological Society guidelines.

Please check with your private health fund if you can receive rebate for online therapy australia.

Can I use my NDIS funding for online psychology and online counselling?

Yes you can. As long as your NDIS funding is self-managed or Plan Managed. Consultation fees are required to be settled at the end of every session. Please organise with your Plan Manager to have the funds available to pay for each session.

How much does a Telehealth online Psychology session cost?

Our fees are affordable and vary depending on which Psychologist you consult with.

In general, the fees start at $165 (minus any Medicare rebate or private health funds rebate). When you book you will be notified of the exact fee depending on who you see and the length of the consultation.

Our fee is substantially lower than the Australian Psychological Society (APS) pricing recommendation. They recommend $251. You can read that information here. We try to keep our costs as low as we can to make it more accessible.

We also offer discounts to concession card holders and offer financial relief and 100% Medicare bulk billed psychology sessions in certain circumstances.

What ages can consult via Psychology telehealth consults online?

All ages – Children, teens and adults

What equipment do I need to do a telehealth psychology consultation?

All you need is a laptop or computer or tablet/iPad that has sound, microphone and a camera and a stable internet connection.

online counselling Video Consultations with our PsychologistImportant Information on COVID-19 crisis, Online Psychologist and Medicare

Access to psychology and online counselling services via telehealth therapy (virtual psychology) is available to you under the Medicare Benefits Schedule. This means you can still access support at home while practicing self-isolation or quarantine.

These sessions are available bulk billed with no gap payment. Contact us for more information.

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