Our Online Naturopaths help people feel GOOD!
We can offer video and phone consults and post supplements out to every corner of the globe!

Online Naturopaths offering virtual consults

We are your team of experienced online Naturopaths. Offering online consults with the same quality care as in person!

No matter where you are across the globe, our Telehalth Naturopaths are here to help

Our online Naturopaths have perfected the art of telehealth consultations. So we promise to strive to create the same high level of care and attention to your health and wellbeing, as if you were to visit us in-clinic.

Whether you live rurally, remote or inner-city, on of our Naturopaths is waiting to support you.
Online consulting provides you with the flexibility to receive guidance from the comfort of your own home.

How does an Naturopath online consult work?
✓ Before the consultation. You will be sent an in detail questionnaire that runs through each system in the body. During the consult this will be reviewed with you.
✓ During the consultation. Your Naturopath will seek to understand exactly what symptoms are bothering you the most. They may complete a lifestyle and diet assessment and offer prescription of supplementation. If you have any past pathology results, these may be reviewed.
✓ Identifying your goals. Throughout the consult we spend time to understand exactly what you want to achieve by consulting with us. This helps us have a clear understanding of your expectations and how we can overcome any obstacles.
✓ Following the consultation. Your Virtual Naturopath then is able to spend some time reviewing your file and then collate a treatment plan for you. This is usually emailed through to you.
✓ We send you what you need. We can send pathology test kits or referral forms to your house (with some test kits, the sample is easily collected at home and sent to the pathology laboratory, some require you to attend a pathology collection centre). Some clients benefit hugely by starting nutritional supplements, however, not all our clients actually need supplements, so we only prescribe them when and if they are needed. They will be posted to you.

Speak with a Naturopath Online. If you need to talk with a naturopath online, you remain in the best place. Our world-class naturopath physicians can address your concerns, make an expert diagnosis after testing as well as prescribe or recommend by phone or computer.
Don’t let the lingo concern you! Virtual online naturopath health care refers to the use of secure, video software to conduct face-to-face like appointments in real-time. You can be located anywhere around Australia and across the globe for the “virtual online video” and our team will be able to support you. We simply ask that you keep an eye out for our email instructions after booking.
Yes! If you don’t have video services available we can consult over the phone.
We provide accessible and affordable care. Initial consultations (longer consults) start at $110 and follow up consultations (shorter consults) start at $60. Supplementation is additional.

Ready to regain good health?

We’ve helped people across the globe with hormone imbalance by following the Integrated Wellness Clinic 3 step methodology

In just 30 minutes you could discover real solutions to help you feel amazing.

Our $50 Naturopath Assessment with one of our expert practitioners is the ideal place to start with a complete overview of your health and your goals.

Identify the cause... repair the imbalance... feel BETTER!

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