Our approach to Naturopathy is unique
We blend science and nature to give you a gold-standard naturopathic approach

Wanting to feel VIBRANT using Naturopathy?

Maybe you are tired of feeling the way you do? Tired, uncomfortable, not sure what to eat?

We get it!


  • Struggling with uncomfortable symptoms
  • Sick and tired of not knowing what to eat
  • Staying up late researching health symptoms
  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed, tired, stressed and foggy
  • Frustrated because no one seems to be able to provide answers
  • Seeking a thorough evidence-based approach, where a Naturopath works along with (and not against) Medical Doctors
  • Needing a clear and simple treatment plan that doesn’t just address the symptoms with lots of supplements, but addresses the true cause!

You’re in the right spot if any of this resonates with you! 


How do we get amazing results for our Naturopathy clients?

suzi le fanue

Suzi Le Fanue- Founder, Principle Naturopath

Vanessa Lamaro – Womens Health, Fertility

Denise Melton – Hormones, gut, behaviour, skin, all areas 

Brianna Thompson- Gut, mental health, stress, womens health, skin

Lesley Baker – Gut health, sibo, skin, autoimmune, mould exposure, chronic fatigue

Gillian day- Women and mens hormone health, weight, fatigue, pcos, all areas of health, children

Johanna Gibson Naturopath

Johanna Gibson- Skin, womens health, all areas of health

Vanessa Mandich- gut, skin, stress, mental health , autoimmune, children

Bronte Hamnett-mental health, hormones, gut

Cecilia Bailey- Hormones, Gut, Stress, Autoimmune, Children.

Alexi Savage- Genitourinary, skin, stress, anxiety, gut

Melissa Callaghan- Digestion, mental health, hormones, thyroid, plant based eating, ADHD, ASD, autoimmune, mould exposure 

Shani Sulter- Naturopath Team Leader and Client Liaison officer

Uncover the cause, repair the imbalance... Feel better!

Many clients are not sure if Naturopathy can help them.

Maybe you have seen a Practitioner before and you want to figure out if we can help further.

You might have questions that you want to ask the Practitioner in person before you commence a treatment plan.

You may be wondering if we can identify what is causing your symptoms.

Would you rather chat with us? Call us (07) 5458 4800 

The assessment is a complete overview of your health where we will also assess your goals and provide you with relevant handouts and tools.

This highly educational 30 minute consultation will cover:

  • An outline of your health history
  • The possible underlying triggers and causes of your symptoms
  • Possible pathology testing or psychological assessments
  • The IWC 3 step method to help reach your health goals
  • A roadmap to help you get back on track and feel better sooner
  • Herb or supplement symptomatic care prescription if needed

Naturopaths may use any of the following to assist you on your path to wellness:

  • Dietary intervention and using food as medicine
  • Lifestyle recommendations- addressing areas such as work-life balance, stress reduction, getting you to do more of what you enjoy in life and what brings you fulfilment
  • Herbal medicine- Many herbs have been used traditionally for centuries, some herbs have much scientific research to support their use
  • Soft tissue manipulation
  • Nutritional supplementation- Usually used to address deficiencies and known imbalances
  • Counselling support

You do not need to actually be unwell to see a Naturopath, many people visit to formulate what we call a “wellness plan”. We prefer to take a preventative approach, with the aim of preventing illness from developing.
Many people like to see a Naturopath because the methods used are non-invasive and have fewer side effects than orthodox medicine. Our Naturopaths, however, believe that medical professionals have a very important and vital role to play in our health care.

The history of Naturopathy

Naturopathy dates back to the 18th – 19th century, however, its vital roots go as far back as 400BC with Hippocrates School of Medicine. In 1902 Benjamin Lust introduced Naturopathy to the USA and founded the American School of Naturopathy. It was following this that dietary and lifestyle advice became very popular in the treatment of illness. Between 1920-1940 there was a rapid increase in technologies and pharmaceuticals, and so naturopathic medicine declined. However, over the past 40-50 years its practice has steadily increased, particularly in the area of evidence based complementary medicine. Naturopathy in Australia in 1977 was reasonable in their coverage of basic biomedical sciences on paper.
There is a very strong history of Naturopathic medicine globally. It is time proven, however, most Naturopaths now days must complete years of education to be eligible to practice as a Naturopath, very different to even a few decades ago, where regulation of the profession was very low. Today most Naturopaths are qualified with a Bachelors level University degree, often in Health Science or Complementary Medicine.

We have treated over 10,000 people, so there is a good chance we have worked with clients with similar symptoms to yourself. We can support most health conditions. You are welcome to check with us. If in your first consultation your Naturopath doesn’t feel they can help you, they have a duty of care to let you know where you can receive care, and if we need to refer you externally, will not charge you for that consult. The right fit is very important.

Yes absolutely. We are comfortable dealing with customers with a variety of budget plans.

Our Naturopath Practitioners are experienced to ensure you just invest only where we feel important. We have developed a unique 3 step method to ensure that we can deal with what you feel is most important in an individualised and evidence-based manner.

We are able to use inexpensive treatment options and we can also supply a payment plan with no interest or fees to assist you. Making our care suitable to most budgets.

All of our Naturopaths are fully qualified with relevant association memberships. 

Absolutely! And we strongly recommend it. A Naturopath should never take the place of a Dr. We have had great success integrating our care with medical Practitioners and specialists. 

We do! And the treatment you will receive will be equivalent to an in person consultation. We utilise video via secure health platform. We offer video consultations and can post you referral forms and supplementation. 

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