The IWC Difference
Friendly, non-judgemental, gold standard care

Most people who come to see us have put a lot of thought into deciding which clinic to visit.

So how are we any different to other clinics?

We can help if you are:

  • Struggling with problematic physical or psychological symptoms?
  • Wanting to discover and treat the root cause of these symptoms?
  • Interested in the Biomedical evidence-based approach to healthcare?
    Seeking a Practitioner Team who work along with a network of medical doctors?
  • Looking for a clear and simple treatment plan that doesn’t just address the symptoms, but addresses the true cause?

How are we different?

  1. We believe that seeking help is powerful. We know that at some point in everyone’s life they are going to need a helping hand. We offer non-judgement care. We view our sessions as empowering. 
  2. Our local impact. After consulting with over 20,000 clients we have the experience and know-how.
  3. Satisfaction GUARANTEED. After 7 days of your initial consultation you can request a refund of your consult fees if you are not satisfied. We are that confident that you will be pleased.
  4. We offer integrative holistic care. Patients receive care both from their Medical Practitioners and our Practitioners. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. We view the person as a whole system and not 1 organ or 1 diagnosed label. 
  5. Our brains trust. With clinical cases that are complex, with the approval of the client, we hold frequent clinical case conferences. This way you get the advice from a team of Naturopaths & Psychologists.

Ready to navigate your way to optimal health and complete wellness?

Do you need some help before you book? Please fill in enquiry form or call us (07) 5458 4800  

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