Charitable Work at IWC
With thanks to our clients

We’re passionate about protecting and empowering children left vulnerable by poverty, and we do it with thanks to our generous clients.

Our passion for living a happy, healthy and meaningful life doesn’t start and stop with clients.

We’re on a mission to elevate the wellbeing of our broader community and are passionately dedicated to protecting and supporting children affected by poverty.
We do this by linking arms with Compassion. It’s philanthropy and integrity at its best.
Every time you see one of our practitioners…
Every time you purchase one of our practitioners-only supplements…
Every time you buy a health food product…
You’re helping a child in need.
A portion of our consultation fees and 100% of the profits from the sales of our health food products go to Compassion.
When you invest in your health, you’re also helping vulnerable women and children across the globe.
Together we rise.



In 2019 we put our support and $15 000 behind the build of a ‘Compassion Sponsorship Centre’ at Gutalac Poblacion, in the Philippines. Together we have helped 100 children – and growing – receive:
  • one-on-one sponsorship
  • a safe place of support and refuge
  • healthcare and nutritional supplies
  • educational support and resources
  • life skills
  • basic everyday items
  • a safe place to connect with their community

We couldn’t have done this without the support of our team and clients. THANK YOU! 

The sponsorship centre launch

Charity Integrated Wellness
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Charity Integrated Wellness
Charity Integrated Wellness

CURRENT PROJECT – MATERNITY CLINIC- hoping to contribute 2023

This year we’re putting every effort into funding a $25 000 ‘Mums And Bubs Survival Project’. 
The reality is that many women across the globe don’t have access to proper health and maternity care. By partnering with Compassion we’re reaching communities most in need, where mums and babies’ lives are at risk.
The $25 000 will fund the building and first year of operations of a Compassion Centre, and become a place where at-risk mothers and babies will receive: 
  • essential health services throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond to 1yr
  • home-based care including check ups, nutritional support and hygiene education
  • community support, networking and financial education 
Help us bring new hope and critical support where it’s needed most.


With your support we proudly sponsor 8 children around the world so they receive an education, healthcare and basic life skills


378 meals provided all because our clients and team like chocolate!
That’s how many meals you have helped us provide to children living in poverty. 
For every ‘That Chocolate’ bar that you purchase, available from our clinic reception areas, you secure a meal for a child living rough.
It’s chocolate with more than a sweet fix, and comes with our naturopathic stamp of approval, enhanced with superfoods and probiotics.
We know that we get to do this work because of YOU and for this we are incredibly grateful.
Thank you for trusting us with your health and helping us create a ripple of wellness beyond our boarders.

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