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The team at Integrated Wellness is passionate about understanding the cause of your health condition in order to develop an individualised health care plan that is realistic and achievable. 

We’d love to be your partner in natural health so you can start feeling better, sooner.

Brisbane Naturopath locations. Where to find us

Paddington Clinic

Chermside Clinic

We offer a free discovery call with our Naturopath

Meet the Brisbane Naturopath team

Our natural medicine health practitioners are all highly qualified, registered with associations and operate under our unique IWC 3-step methodology to ensure the highest possible level of natural health care. Our evidence-based approach is individualised, simple and effective.

“I offer a variety of treatments that incorporates herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, and dietary and lifestyle modification. 

I have extensive experience as a mental health and disability support worker. This has been pivotal in my direction towards Naturopathy, as it helped me notice the limitations of mainstream services and highlighted the importance of patient-centred and holistic care. 

In clinic my emphasis is on women’s health, mental health, fatigue, stress, gastrointestinal health and skin health.” 


“I strongly believe in patient-centred care, individualised treatments, and digging deeper to find the causes of ill health. My approach is person focused, individualised and aims to help you better understand your health. 

I have experience in multiple natural therapy and science based settings. I’ve worked with one of Australia’s leading supplementation groups as a Brand ambassador and naturopathic consultant. I also work as a research assistant in the field of Neuropsychology Research.

I consult in all of areas of health particularly hormonal health, gut health, mental health, thyroid weight and skin concerns.” 

“I am passionate about bridging complimentary and conventional therapies together to give you a truly integrative health care model.”

I hold a Bachelor of Biomedical Science, majoring in Nutrition, minor in Medical Microbiology. Post university I completed qualifications to practice as a Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist.  My focus has primarily been on complex health conditions, pyroluria, MTHFR, mental health and gut health, and in particular the connection between the gut and brain. (Please note Suzi is not currently seeing new clients). 

Congratulations on taking the first step to regaining good health!

Everyday clients come to see us because they are:

Struggling with pain or discomfort

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Staying up late researching health symptoms

Constantly feeling overwhelmed, tired, stressed and foggy

If that resonates with you, we are here to support you.

Naturopath at Integrated Wellness Clinic Brisbane

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes absolutely. We are comfortable dealing with customers with a variety of budget plans.

Our Naturopath Practitioners are experienced to ensure you just invest only where we feel important. We have developed a unique 3 step method to ensure that we can deal with what you feel is most important in an individualised and evidence-based manner.

We are able to use inexpensive treatment options and we can also supply a payment plan with no interest or fees to assist you. Making our care suitable to most budgets.

We sure can. While Naturopaths cannot cure infections, we are qualified to provide general naturopathic immune system support. We can offer a thorough pathology assessment to check nutrient status such as vitamin D, vitamin A and zinc. And provide dietary advice on how to support mood and immune function. We are currently offering a  express consultation if you are only after symptomatic care supplementation.

We have treated over 10,000 people, so there is a good chance we have worked with clients with similar symptoms to yourself. We can support most health conditions. You are welcome to check with us. If in your first consultation your Naturopath doesn’t feel they can help you, they have a duty of care to let you know where you can receive care, and if we need to refer you externally, will not charge you for that consult. The right fit is very important.

For North Brisbane Naturopath services your local clinic is Chermside and
South Brisbane naturopath would likely be Paddington. Or we can consult online via video consult, from the comfort of your home (due to COVID19 this is our current approach).

Yes! We sure can. We are offering telehealth consultations. Read more about online naturopath consultations here.

The right fit is really important. Our suggestion is to book a Discovery Call with and the Naturopath can let you know if they are the right person or they suggest who is the right fit for you. We also have a satisfaction guarantee, so if you do your initial consultation and you don’t feel it is was the right person or that you don’t want to progress with treatment your consultation fee can be refunded (you just need to let us know within 7 days of the initial paid consult). 

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