What is the IWC 3-Step Method? 

This methodology has been implemented in the lives of 1000’s of people across the globe. It is a method that we use to get the best results.
Within each of these steps there is an intricate system of processes that our Naturopaths have been highly trained to undertake to effectively address any health concerns.
STEP 1. Integrative Investigation.
Our comprehensive approach is geared towards finding the root cause of your health concerns. Why guess the imbalance when you can get an accurate and definitive answer? 95% of our clients undergo some form of pathology testing whether that be alongside our Integrative Doctor, their regular GP or through a laboratory that we recommend. This ensures we are creating a plan that is specifically targeted to your needs. We formulate a report of findings for our clients to ensure they understand their unique “biochemical dashboard”. We can then work towards treating the cause.
STEP 2. Collaborative Care. 
We often engage other specialists into your plan such as medical doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, gynaecologists and the like. We pride ourselves on our Clinical Case Conferencing, where an anonymous clinical case is presented to our team of experts to formulate a treatment plan for the most complex cases. We complete clinical case conferences as a team on a weekly basis. Our method within this step has been defined by many years of understanding the fusion of the medical and naturopathic health care model.
STEP 3. Education and Wellness Maintenance.
At the heart of all our treatment is education and empowerment. Our Founder was awarded The Naturopathic Practitioner’s Association of Australia award for Professional excellence in Community Education (ANPA). Our Practitioners have access to our internal “IWC Knowledge Hub” this hub has hundreds of resources that ensure our Practitioners are able to better coach their clients to provide them with the best possible outcome. We have a large database of IWC formulated patient handouts for specific conditions, ailments and dietary requirements.
By following the IWC 3 step method you are assured that your Practitioner will provide you with a clearly defined treatment plan. To help you feel and function better, sooner. 

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