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Are you wondering how to uncover the root cause of your health concerns?

Have you completed thorough Integrative Pathology Testing?

Part of The Integrated Wellness Clinic 3 Step Methodology is identifying the cause of poor health. By completing testing we are able to establish your “Biochemical Dashboard”. It helps our Naturopaths identify and address the root cause, no guessing. This means that your naturopathic corrective care treatment is as individualised as your biochemical makeup.


As Clinical Naturopaths,we can request many different pathology tests. At times we prefer to integrate a medical doctor into your treatment for diagnosis. Pathology Testing that we have access to through reputable pathology laboratories:

Liver function enzymes and functional testing

Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Electrolytes, vitamins and minerals

Full thyroid function

Stool testing- Bioscreen and, Genova testing & Complete Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) functional testing

Maldigestion markers

Hydrogen Breath Test/SIBO testing

Helicobacter pylori antibodies (via blood, breath or stool)

Heavy metal testing

Fructose Malabsorption and food intolerances

Intestinal membrane permeability- Leaky Gut

Saliva hormone testing

Cardiovascular markers

IgG Food Intolerance

IgE Allergy testing

IgA Food Sensitivity testing

ALCAT Food Sensitivity Test

Skin prick allergy testing

Inflammatory and immune/autoimmune markers

Coeliac and gluten sensitivity testing

pH reading of urine and saliva

Hair Mineral Analysis

Urinary Metabolic Pathway Analysis

MTHFR Gene Testing

Genetic testing for other polymorphisms (methylation & detoxification)

Porphyrin Studies

Kryptopyrroles or Pyrroles

Complete vitamin and mineral analysis

Our Naturopathic Practitioners are trained in screening methods to ensure you are only tested for what is most important and necessary for you.

These pathology tests may be requested to you either in consultation with our Naturopaths or along with one of the many Doctors that we work along with, and may attract medicare or private health fund rebate.

Our Naturopaths offer pathology testing not only locally on the Sunshine Coast but also interstate and in rural areas. To discuss your health options and talk about which Functional Pathology tests may suit you, please contact us or call today (07) 54584800 or Book your FREE Naturopathic Assessment Consultation. We look forward to consulting with you in person in either Mooloolaba Naturopath or Caloundra Naturopath clinics on the Sunshine Coast or our Brisbane Naturopath Clinic, Gold Coast Naturopath Clinic or with us online by clicking the banner below. 

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