We are passionate in:

  • Increasing energy and zest for life
  • Creating calm and clear minds
  • Getting you to feel physically the best you can
  • Teaching clients how to create lifestyle alignment so you can enjoy everyday life

We do this by following the Integrated Wellness 3 step methodology:

1. Collaborative care.

Sometimes we don’t feel that one Naturopath can cover all your needs. We often engage other specialists into your plan such as medical doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, gynaecologists and the like. We hold frequent clinical case conferences within the clinic where your case may anonymously be presented to our collective group of 5 Naturopaths. The group would join forces to actively brain storm your case and formulate a plan of action together.

2. Pathology Testing.

Why guess the imbalance when you can get an accurate and definitive answer? 99% of our clients undergo some form of pathology testing whether that be through or in clinic tests or tests assessed through reputable pathology laboratories. This ensures we are creating a plan that is specifically targeted to your needs.

3. Education.

At the heart of all our treatment is education and empowerment. This year our Founder was awarded The Naturopathic Practitioner’s Association of Australia award for Professional excellence in Community Education. All our members are encouraged to actively participate in our monthly workshops and webinars or if clients prefer they are able to access the same learnings through the use of our hundreds of resources geared towards helping you increase your knowledge about your health and wellness. We believe food is medicine and as such offer all our Naturopathic clients free and unlimited support with our Nutritionist.

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This methodology has been implemented in the lives of 1000’s of happy clients across Australia and the globe.

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Why choose to come see us?

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