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Hi, I’m Suzi Le Fanue. Co-founder, Integrated Wellness Clinic

It all started with my unshakable belief: that you don’t have to choose between a medical approach or a natural approach. A holistic, integrative approach can help you heal from the inside out.

From the outset, my vision was to create a space where complementary therapists could incorporate the very best of evidenced based natural medicine and mainstream medical science, connect wholeheartedly with conventional medical practitioners, and offer a one-of-a-kind diagnostic approach with extensive pathology testing. 
Alongside my husband, Adam, I created a space that brings all this together – the award winning Integrated Wellness Clinic. Through our integrative health programs, our community education and awareness initiatives, and our philanthropic work — we’re in this to make a difference.
Since opening our doors in 2013 on the Sunshine Coast, Integrated Wellness Clinic has been on a mission to help more better live their best life!
Our hand-picked brains trust is made up of holistic and integrative doctors and naturopaths, psychologists, and a social worker – all working together under our unique 3 step methodology.
In 2016, we were awarded the Professional Excellence Award (Community Education) by the Naturopathic Association ANPA, in recognition of the many educational workshops and events we hold for the community. We are so proud to be recognised for our tireless efforts to empower people to take care of their own health.
Our proudest achievements, though, are our clients’ health breakthroughs and transformations. Clients who trust us with their health tell us that they feel their health concerns have been actively listened to, that we’ve helped them find the underlying cause of their health issues, and that we’ve taught them how to take an active role in achieving good health.

A little about my personal journey to health…

I know what it’s like to experience debilitating illness; to be stuck on a merry-go-round, looking for answers for chronic health issues and complex conditions.

My childhood was filled with love, laughter and happiness, but a life threatening form of asthma saw me in and out of hospital until my mid teens.
In 1995, my whole world was shattered. My beautiful mum experienced a fatal asthma attack.
I spent my early twenties living with overwhelming fear that I’d lose my own battle with asthma if something didn’t change. This manifested as diagnosed anxiety. My asthma had always been treated under the traditional medical model – which suppressed my symptoms without treating the bigger picture. I felt that there had to be a more holistic way to lead a balanced, healthy life.
And, I found it. After studying a Biomedical degree, I eventually made my way onto naturopathy and nutrition where I saw first-hand the benefits of blending modern scientific knowledge with time-proven and natural forms of medicine to support the whole person. My mum will never know it, but my career is a gift she gave me.

Using whole health healing tools, I have learnt how to move myself, my family, and my clients toward optimal physical and mental health.
Now that you know about me, how can we serve you? We are here for you!
I hope you choose to partner with Integrated Wellness Clinic on your health and wellness journey. Most of all, my wish for you is that whatever path you take, whichever clinic you go to, whoever you consult with, that it leads you to optimal happiness and complete wellness.

In health, love, happiness and gratitude,

Suzi Le Fanue BSc (Biomedical Science) ND

Ready to navigate your way to optimal health and complete wellness?

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