We’re passionate about protecting and empowering children left vulnerable by poverty, and we do it with thanks to our generous clients.

Here’s how we do it:

Compassion Sponsorship Centre

We have embarked on a social enterprise mission, along with Compassion, to establish a Sponsorship Centre in a small village in the Philippines.

The Sponsorship Centre we are helping to fund, by donating a portion of our consultation fees, will help 100 children and their families with:

  • one:one sponsorship
  • a safe place of support and refuge
  • healthcare and nutritional supplies
  • educational support and resources
  • life skills
  • basic everyday items
  • a safe place to connect with their community

Child sponsorship

We also proudly sponsor 7 children around the world and we do it with your support. When you purchase a selected range of our health food products, we pour 100% of the profits into supporting these children living in vulnerable circumstances.

Compassion Internation Centre Integrated Wellness ClinicThank you for helping us make a difference.