Sometimes in life we need a helping hand. We’d like to help you feel better.

Clients just like you come to see our Psychologists for an array of reasons, such as:

  • They feel anxious or depressed
  • They need help managing a difficult situation in their life
  • They feel as though they are always stressed and cant escape
  • They have been through some form of trauma
  • They want to support the psychological development of their child
  • They want to form better relationships with those around them
  • They feel overwhelmed and need clarity
  • They want to better understand their mental health
  • They want to feel well again

Our Sunshine Coast Psychologist Team are able to work with the following (including but not limited to):

Want to know more?

Please contact our friendly team to discuss how we can assist.

If you are unsure if we can help, our friendly administrative and psychology team are happy to have a phone chat before your consult to discuss suitability.

Our supportive Psychologists offer psychology services in both our QLD and NSW Integrated Wellness Clinic locations.

Psychology at Integrated Wellness Clinic- Caloundra
Psychology at Integrated Wellness Clinic- Sydney
Psychology at Integrated Wellness Clinic- Newcastle