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Clients come to see us because they are

Naturopath Sunshine Coast Struggling with uncomfortable symptoms

Naturopath Sunshine Coast

Sick and tired of not knowing what to eat

Naturopath Sunshine Coast

Staying up late researching health symptoms

Naturopath Sunshine Coast Constantly feeling overwhelmed, tired, stressed and foggy

Naturopath Sunshine Coast Frustrated because no one seems to be able to provide answers

Naturopath Sunshine Coast

Seeking a thorough evidence-based approach, where a Naturopath works along with (and not against) Medical Doctors

Naturopath Sunshine Coast

Needing a clear and simple treatment plan that doesn’t just address the symptoms with lots of supplements, but addresses the true cause!

If any of these sound all too familiar, we are here to help. 

You’re in the right spot if you’re wanting to get to the bottom of your symptoms and work towards healing. To have a practitioner that really listens to you, ‘gets you’ and genuinely cares about you. 

Have a little look inside our clinic...

Hi, we’re your team of Sunshine Coast Naturopaths. We’d love to be your partner in health so you can start feeling better, sooner.


We are a bunch of super passionate Naturopaths.

Experienced, friendly and ready to help you reach your health potential.

Award winning Integrated Wellness Clinic is one of Australia’s leading Naturopathic Wellness Clinics. Our Sunshine Coast Naturopath clinics are inclusive and welcoming, creating a gentle space for health, insight, and healing.

Our greatest achievements is the transformations we see in our clients.

Having treated over 10,000 clients we are experienced in offering Natural therapies to addressing simple and complex health conditions.

Many of our clients say that they can point to their first consultation with us as a turning point in their health journey.
What could a session with us do for you?

Some of the health areas our Clinical Naturopaths work in include:

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Meet the team: Bringing together Sunshine Coast’s Best Naturopaths

We’ve put together a team of the most talented naturopaths on the Sunshine Coast. Our natural health practitioners are all highly qualified, belong to leading industry associations, can treat a wide range of symptoms, and operate under our unique 3-step methodology to ensure the highest possible level of care.

April Patane Naturopath Sunshine CoastApril Patane
Sunshine Coast Naturopath Mooloolaba & Caloundra

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April is a warm and caring fully qualified Sunshine Coast Naturopath. April has 11 years experience in both a health retreat and private consulting practice. She enjoys working closely with her patients to discover and resolve blockages within the body and then gently supporting the body.

April has a special interest in Detoxification, including Hormonal balance, Weight management, Digestive health and Skin disorders

To find out more about April, her areas of special interest and her treatment methods click below:
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Cassandra Cook Sunshine Coast Naturopathy

Cassandra Cook
Clinical Development Manager & Sunshine Coast Senior Naturopath for Mooloolaba

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Cassandra is our local Sunshine Coast Naturopath Clinic Team Leader. Cassandra has also worked within leading Natural Health companies Australia-wide in multiple roles including providing education and training to other natural health practitioners, and developing products and training materials to help with effective patient treatment for many Naturopaths.

Cassandra has special interest in Hormone Balance, Digestion, Stealth Pathogens, pyroluria and methylation.

To find out more about Cassandra, her areas of special interest and her treatment methods click below:
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Naturopath Sunshine Coast Courtney ClarkCourtney Clark
Senior Naturopath & Nutritionist – Team Leader Sunshine Coast in

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Courtney Clark has completed two Bachelors of Health Science, is fully qualified as both a Naturopath and Nutritionist. Courtney’s technical knowledge of the human body allows her to teach her patients the way in which their current state of health is contributing to their symptoms. Courtney often sees patients who are struggling with a ‘mystery disease’. This is where there is no diagnosis or clear cause.

Courtney has a special interest in the areas of undiagnosed conditions, pyroluria, methylation, hormonal, skin, mental and digestive health.
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Naturopath Sunshine Coast Kate MasonKate Mason
Naturopath Sunshine Coast for Mooloolaba

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Kate has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopath). Kate is very passionate about natural medicine and treating the whole person holistically. In our Sunshine Coast Naturopath Clinic, Kate enjoys utilising the benefits of our in clinic herbal medicine and nutritional medicine compounding. She consults frequently with families and children.

Kate has special interest in family health including: Female health – fertility, PCOS, endometriosis and dysmenorrhea as well as children’s health, thyroid, stress, anxiety and gut health

To find out more about Kate, her areas of special interest and her treatment methods click below:
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Kirra Morrill Naturopath MooloolabaKirra Morrill
Naturopath Sunshine Coast for Mooloolaba

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Kirra aims to delve deep into the healing process in order to get to the root cause of dis-ease. She uses a completely holistic approach in treating her patients, meaning that she is thorough when getting to know you and your condition. She spends significant time presenting our workshops and events.

Kirra area of special interest is womens metabolic health including: Hormone imbalance, PCOS, endometriosis as well as Children’s health, Skin conditions, Allergies and Intolerances

To find out more about Kirra, her areas of special interest and her treatment methods click below:
More About Kirra

Lesley Baker Naturopath in Sunshine CoastLesley Baker
Naturopath Sunshine Coast in MooloolabaCaloundra
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Lesley Baker has been in practice as a Naturopath for close to 15 years both in private practice and in clinics working closely with doctors and allied health practitioners. Within the field of Naturopathy her passion is the treatment of digestive disease.

Lesley’s areas of special interest are: Gut health including Gastrointestinal health including (IBD) and (SIBO), Autoimmune disorders inc. thyroid conditions such as graves disease and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few and many skin conditions.

To find out more about Lesley, her areas of special interest and her treatment methods click below:
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Mary Martin NaturopathMary Martin
Senior Naturopath Sunshine Coast in MooloolabaCaloundra
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Mary has been a practicing naturopath for 16 years. She is passionate about helping her patients by showing them just how easy it can be to improve both mental and physical health to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Mary works together with her patients as part of a health “team” with targeted, realistic, step-by-step action plans showing them how simple but strategic steps can quickly make such a positive difference for a wide range of health concerns.

Mary’s areas of specialised interest include; Hormonal balance (teens and adults), fertility, gut health, mental health, diabetes, food allergy and intolerance, weight loss and children’s health.

To find out more about Mary, her areas of special interest and her treatment methods click below:
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Sarah Ditchfield Naturopath Sunshine Coast

Sarah Ditchfield 
Naturopath Sunshine Coast in Mooloolaba 

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As a Naturopathic health practitioner, Sarah feels education is the key for effective change, allowing the individual to take charge and understand their current health condition/s.  This is supported through individualised treatment plans alongside nutritional, herbal, food as medicine and lifestyle support and recommendations.

Sarah’s areas of special interest include: Skin conditions, respiratory disease such as asthma, adolescent health, hormone imbalance.

To find out more about Sarah, her areas of special interest and her treatment methods click below:
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Sunshine Coast Naturopath Vanessa Lamaro

Vanessa Lamaro (Nunn)
Bachelor of Health Science – Senior Naturopath Sunshine Coast for Mooloolaba Clinic

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Vanessa has co-authored nine eBooks on fertility and has developed a program combined with a range of Practitioner only nutritional supplements targeted at addressing fertility and gynaecological issues. She is passionate about helping people break free from the often debilitating symptoms that dis-regulated hormones can cause and loves assisting couples to become families.

Though Vanessa has a broad range of expertise (and enjoys assisting in all areas), her areas of special interest are in the areas of hormonal health, gynaecology and fertility.

To find out more about Vanessa , her areas of special interest and her treatment methods click below:
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Our Practitioners treat the root cause and not just the symptoms.

Our minimal fuss treatment plans are simple and effective.

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Why do we offer a Free Naturopath Assessment Consultation?

  • Many clients are not sure if Naturopathy can help them.
  • Maybe you have seen a Practitioner before and you want to figure out if we can help further.
  • You might have questions that you want to ask the Practitioner in person before you commence a treatment plan.
  • You may be wondering if we can identify what is causing your symptoms.

No matter where you are, we can offer Naturopath consultation by phone or skype consultations and nutritional supplementation through Australia and Overseas. We would love to see you in person in our Brisbane Naturopath,  Central Coast Naturopath, Gold Coast Naturopath,  Newcastle Naturopath, Mooloolaba Naturopath or Caloundra Naturopath Clinics on the Sunshine Coast.

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Suzi Le Fanue Naturopath Sunshine Coast
Meet the Founders: Adam and Suzi Le Fanue

Together Suzi and Adam co-founded Integrated Wellness Clinic on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Suzi is a Naturopath Health Practitioner, speaker, Naturopath mentor and community educator who completed Naturopathic qualifications as well as a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science).

She completed her Bachelor major in Nutrition and with a minor in Medical Microbiology (the science of studying bacteria, virus and fungus). Suzi has been invited to speak about her passion in magazines, publications, radio broadcasts and multiple events. Suzi is passionate about educating the biomedical and integrative approach to health and wellness.

Adam was raised in a very health conscious house-hold that was always naturally inclined. His Mother practiced as a Medical Herbalist, and his elderly Grandmother is one of the most enthusiastic natural therapy advocates. His passion for natural medicine runs through the family. Adam is a firm believer in the integrative approach to healthcare. Blending science focused care with natural time proven methods.

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