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Naturopath Team

Sunshine Coast Naturopath Team at Integrated Wellness Clinic

Meet Your Sunshine Coast Naturopath & Brisbane Naturopath Team

Our team of Naturopathic Health Specialists at Integrated Wellness Clinic look forward to meeting you.

Naturopath Shani SulterShani Sulter
BSC – Naturopath Buderim & Caloundra

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Shani Sulter is a fully qualified and accredited Naturopath. Shani has an in depth understanding of how the body works and how to make it optimally function. She does this by getting back to basics, researching (scientific articles and requesting/interpreting pathology testing) and uncovering the root cause of your condition to then utilise all relevant avenues of Naturopathy

Shani area of special interest is metabolic health including:
Mental health, Paediatrics (Infants, Toddler, Children through to teenage years), Digestive disorders & Skin conditions

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Naturopath Sunshine Coast Kate MasonKate Mason
BSC – Naturopath Buderim

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Kate has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopath), Diploma of Health Science (Herbal Medicine) and Diploma of Health Science (Nutrition). Kate is very passionate about natural medicine and treating the whole person holistically.

Kate area of special interest is metabolic health including:
Female health – fertility, PCOS, endometriosis and dysmenorrhea as well as children’s health, stress, anxiety and gut health

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Lesley Baker NaturopathLesley Baker
BSC – Caloundra
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Lesley Baker has been in practice as a Naturopath for close to 15 years both in private practice and in clinics working closely with doctors and allied health practitioners. Within the field of Naturopathy her passions are Herbal Medicine and Nutrition

Lesley area of special interest is metabolic health including:

Gastrointestinal health including  (IBD) and (SIBO) ,Autoimmune disorders including thyroid conditions such as graves disease and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few. Skin issues including eczema and acne and Lesley also enjoys working with children.

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Vanessa Sunshine coast NaturopathVanessa Lamaro (Nunn)
Bachelor of Health Science – Naturopath Buderim

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Vanessa has been in practice as a Naturopath in both Melbourne and on the Sunshine Coast for the past nine years, helping her patients to overcome their health challenges and optimise their vitality. Over that time she has treated a very broad range of health concerns and has developed a strong competency in supporting people in most areas of health and disease.

She has co-authored nine eBooks on fertility and has developed a program combined with a range of Practitioner only nutritional supplements targeted at addressing fertility and gynaecological issues.

She is passionate about helping people break free from the often debilitating symptoms that dis-regulated hormones can cause and loves assisting couples to become families.

Though Vanessa has a broad range of expertise (and enjoys assisting in all areas), her areas of special interest are in the areas of hormonal health, gynaecology and fertility.

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Tara Beattie Naturopath Sunshine Coast ClinicTara Beattie
ND, Herbalist – Naturopath Brisbane 

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Tara is a fully qualified Practitioner who has comprehensive industry experience having worked in both pharmaceuticals and alternative medicine. Tara’s ability to fuse evidence based diagnostic testing and traditional Naturopathic treatment methods is where she shines.

Because of Tara’s experience in pharmaceuticals she has great confidence in understanding medications and possible interactions and effects. She is passionate about connecting the dots between nutrition, poor health and lifestyle.Her personality is happy and bubbly.

She is very passionate about connecting the dots between nutrition, poor health, lifestyle, genetics and disease. Thus, she looks forward to creating healthy eating plans and teaching you how to form healthy lifestyle habits to create the best version of you.

Tara’s area of special interest is Digestion, both Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), SIBO, Hormone imbalance, Skin Conditions and Mood Disorders. Tara has been trained extensively by our founding Naturopath Suzi.
Tara is currently consulting in our Brisbane Naturopath Clinic and via skype.

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Ellen Tattum Naturopath Sunshine Coast Integrated Wellness Clinic

Ellen Tattam – Naturopath Buderim & Caloundra

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Ellen Tattam has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and is highly passionate about all things health and wellness. She is invested in supporting and guiding individuals, couples, and families in all stages of life to achieve vitality and optimal health.

She has a high understanding of biochemical processes throughout the body and how to ensure optimal functioning of all systems. Focusing on assisting the body to naturally heal itself with the proper support is of the highest priority in her treatment methods.

Ellen has a special interest in include hormonal imbalance (such as PCOS), skin conditions and mental health including Pyroluria and MTHFR. Ellen regularly runs workshops and events about hormone balance.

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Courtney Clark NaturopathCourtney Clark
Naturopath & Nutritionist – 

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Courtney Clark has completed two Bachelors of Health Science, is fully qualified as both a Naturopath and Nutritionist and holds a passionate dream of wanting to save the world one inspiring human at a time!

Courtney’s technical knowledge of the human body allows her to teach her patients the way in which their current state of health is contributing to their symptoms.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest research in clinical studies along with attending seminars and specialised training programs, ensures Courtney will be able to identify correctly the underlying causes of her patients’ health issues and therefore maximising better health outcomes with fast positive results.

Courtney has a special interest in the areas of hormonal, skin, mental and digestive health.
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Cassandra Cook Naturopath

Cassandra Cook
BSC, Naturopath – Buderim

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Cassandra integrates her knowledge to help people overcome illness, so they can be their best and live the life they love. She is a firm believer in the power of food as medicine, and uses her love of cooking to encourage people to make appropriate dietary changes.

Cassandra has also worked within leading Natural Health companies Australia-wide in multiple roles including providing education and training to other natural health practitioners, and developing products to help with effective patient treatment.

Cassandra area of special interest is Hormone Balance, Digestion, Stealth Pathogens. 

To find out more about Cassandra, her areas of special interest and her treatment methods click below:
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SuzSuzi Le Fanue Sunshine Coast Naturopathi Le Fanue
BSc (Biomedical) Naturopath – Buderim 

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Suzi is our Founding Naturopath Health Professional, speaker and educator who completed a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. She completed her Bachelor majoring in Nutrition with a minor in Medical Microbiology (the science of studying bacteria, virus and fungus).

Suzi has also completed postgraduate studies in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine.

To find out more about Suzi, her areas of special interest and her treatment methods click below:
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All of our Naturopath’s are confident in all areas of health including, but not limited to:

Want to know how we can help you?

We recommend booking a FREE Naturopathic Assessment Consultation with one of our Naturopaths either in one of our Sunshine Coast Naturopath Clinics or in our Brisbane Naturopath Clinic.

What is involved in this Free Naturopath consultation? 

  1. You will be able to spend up to 30 minutes with one of our Naturopaths
  2. There is the option meet in our Brisbane Naturopath or Sunshine Coast Naturopath or speak with us online via skype. 
  3. The consulting Naturopath will ask you about your health goals
  4. You explain your health concerns and symptoms
  5. Your Naturopath will then explain the potential triggers and cause
  6. Pathology testing that is likely beneficial will be discussed
  7. You are encouraged to ask as many questions are you like
  8. Your Naturopath will then assess who the best Practitioner is for you to see and the type of Naturopathic plan that would best suit you. The right fit is incredibly important. If you decide to go ahead with further treatment, great. If you do not, that is ok too. We hope that you leave learning new information.

We guarantee you will leave this Naturopath Consultation with 3 key learnings!

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We would love to see you in our Brisbane Naturopath Clinic or our Sunshine Coast Naturopath Clinics in both Buderim and Caloundra. Alternatively, no matter where you are, we can offer naturopathy services by phone or skype consultations and provide nutritional supplementation and pathology testing advice.

We are excited to announce that we will be opening a Gold Coast Naturopath Clinic early 2018. You can read more about our Gold Coast Naturopath Clinic here.

All of our Naturopath team are registered with a Naturopath  Association ANPA, ATMS or ANTA.  To read more about Naturopathy see this link “What is a Naturopath?”

We GUARANTEE satisfaction. If after your first consultation you do not believe that your Naturopath has given you high quality information, service or support or your Naturopath does not believe they can help you and you let us know within 7 days, we will refund your consultation money.