Tamara Grysiewicz Naturopath

Naturopath – Tamara Grysiewicz

Naturopath – Tamara Grysiewicz

Special interests: Hormonal & reproductive health (endometriosis, fibroids, miscarriage, infertility, preconception, adenomyosis, menopause), sexual/genitourinary health, pregnancy care, postpartum and children’s health

Education: BHSc

Tamara is a degree qualified Naturopath and her interest in holistic medicine has stemmed from a series of reproductive health conditions including endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis when conventional medicine wasn’t digging deep enough to relieve the associated symptoms. Starting out as an assistant to the head naturopath of one of Australia’s leading fertility clinics, she was given valuable insight into the healing power of nature and the gut-brain connection.

Tamara’s focus as a clinical practitioner is to explore the root cause of a patient’s disease. She resolves health concerns with an honest and empathetic approach utilising current, evidence-based, and holistic health solutions and evokes long-term results by taking an extensive case history.

She is passionate in liberating patients from the debilitating symptoms often experienced due to hormonal dysregulation and loves supporting couples in their fertility journey to create healthy babies. Tamara also has a keen interest in stress support, postpartum health, gut complaints, autoimmune concerns including thyroid conditions, and children’s wellbeing.

Tamara offers a variety of treatments that are realistic, as she believes that working collaboratively to create a plan needs to be achievable to be effective. Both functional and conventional pathology are utilised, alongside herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, diet and lifestyle modifications.

In naturopathy we treat the underlying cause, and Tamara’s philosophy of a balanced diet being the framework for a healthy relationship with your body is essential in sustaining long term holistic goals. She empowers clients to take control of their own wellbeing. 

Tamara has a passion for continuous learning, often attending various seminars and furthering her knowledge to correctly identify health concerns and create positive, prophylactic results. She likes to work closely with each patient’s healthcare team to collaboratively ensure integrative health care. She aims to live life to the fullest, with the mindset that ill health is the turning point to help you regain your best self.

Get to know Tamara Grysiewicz in 5 points!

1. Tamara cares deeply for her friends and family and brings this affection to her clients. Most of her weekends are spent exploring the outdoor gems of the Sunshine Coast after relocating here with her little boy, husband and chocolate Labrador.

2. Tamara spent time with traditional healers in Central and South America whilst travelling for 18months. This included volunteer work at a rural homeopathy clinic before knowing that she would go on to study naturopathy. After exploring over 58 countries from the moment she turned 18 and having lived in the UK, USA, Singapore and Argentina, Tamara is now keen to explore the beauty of her home, Australia.

3. Tamara has a passion to help our planet one plastic bag at a time. With a huge love of nature and education on toxic chemicals and plastics in everyday life she is an avid re-user, recycler, composter and lives a low-tox life. Her goal this year is to really get her backyard veggie patch into shape.

4. Yoga and mindfulness as a way of life are important to Tamara. She spent time in India learning to teach yoga, and whilst she does not teach today, she incorporates much of its philosophy into her day. Her gratitude practice is strong, being grateful every day for her profession and allowing her to contribute to enhancing others lives.

5. Tamara’s parents always thought she’d make a great doctor as a kid. Her dad says that she always wanted to help people around her, played doctors with her teddies and was very intuitive but had a fear of needles. Turns out they weren’t far off, and Tamara loves her job that combines the healing power of nature and looking at each patient as a whole person.

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