Alexi Savage Naturopath

Naturopath – Alexi Savage

SpecialityWomens health, genitourinary and intimate health, skin, stress, gut brain connection

Naturopath – Alexi Savage

Alexi is a fully qualified and association registered naturopath, having completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy).

Alexi is passionate about creating a safe space to empower younger women to understand and appreciate their bodies in order to reconnect with themselves and take control of their health to bring It back into balance.

Alexi loves educating women to understand the different phases of their menstrual cycle and its’ impact on various areas of life in order to not dread or fear it each month. Instead, she aims to remove preconceived ideas and encourage women to use their reproductive health as a source of empowerment and a sign of health. 

She has a special interest in the area of genitourinary and intimate health including the vaginal microbiome and uses a clinical, yet holistic and empathic approach to finding the root cause in order to optimise health and self-confidence. 

Alexi’s other main areas of interest include skin concerns, stress, and anxiety as well as, of course the role of the gut in every function of the body.

Alexi loves to have the main treatment focus on foundational diet and lifestyle education in order to nourish the body and create long last changes. However, she also loves the healing potential of herbs and mixing up individualised herbal medicine to incorporate this with nutritional supplements to remedy any deficiencies and optimise nutritional status when needed, to help each client heal themselves and feel their best.

After completing a free diving course Alexi found an appreciation for meditation and the importance of the mind and body connection when it comes to looking after ourselves holistically. 

Alexi enjoys helping clients better cope with stress and anxiety and places importance on self-care, daily gratitude and grounding practices however also understands the cause could stem deeper and endeavours to find the root cause of each issue through thorough case taking and testing, whatever that might be for each individual. 

Being a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA), Alexi keenly to keeps up to date with continued education in the ever-expanding field of natural health. 

Get to know Alexi: 

  • Alexi was lucky enough to be raised on acreage, digging in the soil, growing an array of fruit, vegetables, herbs and having true free-range eggs from home. Being immersed in nature and surrounded by different plants from a young age, it seemed only fitting for Alexi to find her way into naturopathy, learning about the many uses of these herbs as medicine. 
  • Alexi loves to spend her days off re-energising in nature, whether that be in the ocean or climbing mountains, as long as there’s fresh air and sunshine! 
  • Alexi is a passionate advocate for animal welfare and sustainable farming with an understanding of individual values around diet choices. 
  • Alexi is lucky enough to experience the hatching of baby sea turtles each year on the Sunshine Coast, which adds to her desire to reduce her plastic consumption, encouraging individuals to pick up at least 3 pieces of plastic each time they visit the beach. 

Alexi consults in our Mooloolaba and Noosaville office as well as online.

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