Bronte Brisbane Naturopath

Naturopath – Bronte Hamnett

EducationBachelor of Health Science Naturopathy

Work DaysTuesday and every second Saturday

Naturopath – Bronte Hamnett

Brisbane Naturopath
As a qualified Naturopath Bronte practices holistic, evidence based, complimentary medicine. In practice Bronte utilises pathology testing, nutrition, herbal medicine, and lifestyle coaching. She loves assisting individuals from all walks of life to optimize their health, because everyone deserves a healthful life.

Bronte graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy, however, has always worked within the pharmacy/health store industry since her very first job at 15 years of age.

Bronte has a very friendly, calm and confident energy. You will always feel supported and heard.

We asked Bronte why did she become a Naturopath?
“When I was a teenager I struggled with anxiety, depression, and debilitating gut symptoms. It wasn’t until I was finally referred to see a naturopath that I felt heard for the first time, got my life back, and learned that my diet and lifestyle were actually contributing to my health problems (shocker). This gave me so much empowerment over my own body and my future. From then on, I knew I wanted to pay it forward and become a naturopath myself.”

What areas of health conditions do you support?

I consider myself an allrounder Naturopath however, I have a special interest in mental
health, gut health, and women’s health.

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